Canon 5D Mark IV Camera Review

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Thinking of upgrading to the Canon 5D Mark IV? Let’s talk about this camera! Thank you Storyblocks for sponsoring this video! Royalty-free music, b-roll, illustrations that are GOOD:

Canon 5D Mark IV:


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Vlogging Practice says:

Great review! Keep doing a great work!

Fernando Saavedra says:

As a 2nd body.

Fernando Saavedra says:

For Video you should check the Eos R or even the 6d ii.

ZYCIE W USA TV by Gosia says:

This video smeemed not so sharp, for the price it could be better in video but for pictures its good to have those features like high iso.

leicanoct says:

I didn’t know you were a blonde before. I like that you are a brunette. It complements your facial feature. You have amazing lips.

Jenny Markham says:

Where is your shirt from? so cute


do you use any mirrorless cameras from canon?

Rachel Criswell says:

Great video!

Michael says:

thank goodness you reviewed this 2 year old body…

Cheyenne White says:

Can’t decide between the Mark iv or the eos r😩

Cochise Hart says:

Way to stick with Canon!! ✊✊ Great video. I shoot with the 5dS. The Mark 4 is fantastic. It's a beast .

Konscious Kat says:

Definitely want to upgrade

Jesus Yoguez says:

i upgraded to this camera last year from the canon rebel eos t5i. The best camera ive used. currently saving up for 70-200 MM when i travel and hike. other than that probably the best camera ive used 😀

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