Canon 250d (sl3) vs Canon Eos R – image quality comparison

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-Canon 250d vs Canon Eos R image quality comparison

*This video is not ment to compare full frame vs aps-c image, but the colors and image itself*

-In this video i will compare side by side the image quality from Canon 250d and Canon eos r in 4k and full hd, maybe will help you to take a decision about what camera should you buy.

-The Canon eos r was using ALL-I codec in 4k and full hd and the Canon 250d was using IPB codec in 4k and Full hd.

Quick tip – Today are not bad cameras anymore, today a entry level camera can compete with high end class cameras

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gabriel zota says:

I like more 250D

Mas Kim1 says:

how do you set up the camera so you can shoot a very beautiful cinematic video ,, do you use dreadlocks stabilizer ???

Harshil Negi says:

Dude please help me through this : In Canon 250d at 1080p 60fps, there is so much quality loss that is noticeable in comparison to 1080p 25fps. Do you face the same problem too?…. smh

Moises Aaron Lantano says:

Thankyou! More vids!! 🇵🇭😊

LJ Crazy says:

My fav is 250d

Ahmed Abdelhameed says:

Great comparison
Angelo Paduraru ,

i'm not expert but, i think c-log pic profile which built in eos R is more flat than the cinestyle picprofile which isn't bulit in 250D
and the more flat image = more complicated color grading inpost
also see dynamic range in EOS R is more better than 250d that's because of 30 MP full frame sensor .. however diff is not huge &noticeable ..
so back to 250d or 200d .. do u think when i choose custom picprofile & decrease the saturation and contrast it will be the same result i got if i download cinestyle on camera ??? … i ask this Q because i heard that cinestyle always get noisey footage

My greetings ,

Fabian Enders says:

Krass wie der Kanal explodiert ist👍🏻 ich gönn es dir, weiter so da geht noch was💪🏻🙌🏻

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