Canon 200D//Rebel SL2 Review – Best First DSLR?

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….or whatever it’s called in your country.

Canon SL2:

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Sardiman Geno Tosuki says:

Thanks to sub Indonesian

keir jaspher corong says:

can you give me a camera😂😂😅

Jesse b says:

4:06 As all things should be

Ruchna Soomal says:

Hi, is the 200d good for shooting YouTube videos?

Headband TV says:

@1.15 min is quality

The Hyuga says:


Adam Pap says:

the voice the face

Frederick Banjoman says:

I have this and it does the job, upgraded from 1200D

Stephan R. says:

got it today

Sohail Raza says:

Being a beginner which leans is perfect with d200 for indoor/outdoor shooting with multi features? I purchase after saw your review video. . .

Chance Studios says:

This is my first and current DSLR. I love it.

Dominik Lehocký says:

maybe dont move while photoshooting?

Canal Pausa 10 says:

Entendi nada rs

kingswinub says:

4:05 "thanos"

Takowasa says:

I used to think you were a bit of a cunt (years ago mind you) but I'm convinced that I've been wrong all along. You're goddamn hilarious mate.

kinoglaza says:

Thanks, looking for a first camera for my 17 year old niece and I think this is is. 🙂

Texas Buzzard says:

Say it’s not good at video but then you don’t explain why

Kimmy Orchard says:

Holy crap ! I totally didn’t expect his voice to sound like that !! Hahahaha

Scott Isitt says:

Thanks! That was a very helpful review.

Bryan Duarte Murillo says:

My first DSLR camera is 5D

Camiel Thierry says:

Should i still get this? With a 18-55mm lens. I want to be able to take photos of people, sunsets and maybe some photos of the city, would that be ok?

LL May Carumba says:

Hi! If u were to choose between Canon 200d or fujifil xa5 which would u choose?

Joshua Wilson says:

How does it do in low light? And video?

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