Canon 200D Budget DSLR for YouTube Videos – Let's Test (Review)

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I test the Canon 200D DSLR in this video and check it in various scenarios to see how good it is for video work the Canon 200D has the same sensor as the Canon 80D I also test it’s mic and external mics and give you it”s Pros & Cons.

Canon 200D is available in India via Amazon

Rode VideoMicro Microphone


crillo says:

your computer has a virus!

JJ says:

@geekyranjit which camera is better Nikon D5600 or Canon 200D mark 1 or 2

mohit Kisku says:

Kya ye photos clic kr sakta h

Avinash Pradhan says:

Is this camera good for photography? (I want genuine answers)

Teenage VPN'd says:

still waiting for the prices to drop

Mayank Uppal says:

Phone like oneplus are good for video recording in my opinion as comparison of these expensive cameras

crystal lyrics says:

I want a camera, laptop and smartphone but no money to afford anything here so I just watched.. Poor boy. 👦

Maa Ki Rasoi says:

Sir please suggest me dslr camera under the budget of Rs50000

jamshed c says:

Any opinion about EOS 90D?

Aashi Baswara says:

Tripod konsa use Kare plz reply

Power of Nil says:

Sir! Why would you call 46k camera as budget camera! 🙁

Sengran Bike rangni gimin says:

bro which price?

ProTech says:

Sir can you pls make video on canon 200d mark 2…pls

Akhils TV says:

I have a question. Why you are not using m50 instead of 80 d for shooting(my question is what is the problem of m50 for vlogging?

Mustafa Rizvi says:

Sir please respond.

Which camera and lens did you use to record this video?

Yashovrat Singhal says:

Not much but better

it's sada says:

What is 4 k

Tejpal Sharma says:

Bhai after seeing your terrace it's pretty sure you are a great gardner alongside being a great reviewer

Chetan Patil says:

50k is budget camera😂😂😂🤪🤪🤪🙏🙏🙏

ash ember ned says:

Sometimes, I forgot to get DSLR camera.

Adarsh Thakur says:

which lens you are using while shooting during sitting on chair

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