Canon 1DX Mark III Review | Living with a $6,500 Camera

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Before the current pandemic, Pye was able to take the Canon 1DX Mark III out for a number of sessions, and he shares his real-world photo and video experience of living with this flagship Canon camera.

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SLR Lounge | Photography Tutorials says:

See more sample images in the article:

Ole Stian Jørgensen says:

I don't have that problem with the EOS 5D IV with sigma 105mm 1.4 art. You may need to micro adjust the autofocus. you rock Pye 😉

OlaGolme says:

I wonder when canon will come out with a pro mirrorless camera equal to the 1dx MARK III

maskirovka77 says:

thought provoking review…I was leaning toward buying the camera before watching it and now, I'm leaning against.

paul bk says:

CFexpress, not CFast

Kilo Hotel says:

I picked up a 1DX2 about a year and a half ago and glad I didn’t wait for the 3. For wildlife not enough of a improvement for me. I’m also waiting for a RF body to replace my 5dsr, looks like that won’t come until 2021 maybe.

I’ve never shot weddings I just do wildlife as a hobby but the weight of the 1DX bodies isn’t a big deal, it actually helps balance the 600/4 IS II well on a gimbal head.

Colbis Photo says:

go to a sony page and hear how every sony shooter needs 6k raw 10 bit….wrong. you're wrong. you're just wrong lol. 90% of the clients who will receive a final video will not require more than 720/1080p MAX. most people don't even have 4k and can't tell the difference between graded 4k and ungraded 1080p.

Thank you Pye…for saying that people won't and DONT need anything over standard 4k.

Saurav Pradhan says:

Car photographer's dream 😍

Mika says:

That battery tho, I thought the 1DX2 was impressive where I get 1500 shots on an E19 easily and 2000 with a little care but 2000 with half your battery left is incredible

R. B. says:

LOSE THE HAT…. you look like a REAL Goober! Not cool whatsoever.

BatMo says:

Pye,calibrate your lenses and the camera.I had 2 D750's,one wouldn't get sharp images with any lens without calibration and the other one was fine with everything.

Yenith LianTyHao says:

Love the music choice for the video!

BadKarma 714 says:

I knew you guys went to Laguna Beach I love the places you shoot because they’re not far from me either. I graduated from Tustin high school

Rob Jorg says:

why you wearing a hat indoors ?

Jgilbert232 says:

More megapixels = more noise. Sports photographers like myself don’t want that. Our file sizes need to be smaller to edit and send quick. I get your point but that’s the reason behind 20mp. 24 would of been nice but certainly nothing above that would be necessary. Cheers 🍻

Sean Thurston says:

CRUSH > soft light…. looks so good. Waiting for crush!

Stefan S says:

a7Riii or a7R4 will be better for portrait/wedding photography

Jon Jakubcin says:

A9ii with battery grip > 1Dxiii

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