Canon 1dx Mark II vs. Sony a7iii – Am I Switching to Sony??

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Vintagetheartist says:

13:52 image

Jay Weldy says:

Every video I watch of yours is outstanding.

Chellyn Mildon says:

@ 15:32 boom! #truth #realTalk it’ll be as true today as it will be 100s of years from now ✊🏽👊🏽🤙🏽

Rick NYC says:

You guys gotta do A7iii VS Eos R

Maro Vok says:

Excellent review ! Very professional !

SK says:

still waiting on that picture profile

Ganesh Narayanaswamy says:

excellent presentation brother..

Snoopy Layla says:

Both cameras great it depends how you to take the best picture.

Adrian Van Leeuwen says:

Wondering if you have a video comparing Nikon Z6 with Canon or Sony for video. What do you find are the strengths pros and cons of the Nikon Z6? Do you think its focusing is as good as Canon and Sony for video or good enough, also other features? Would the Nikon Z6 make a great wedding video, or architectural video camera?

TobiPictureStudios says:

Color Science: I liked the Sony more than the Canon colors

Pulkit Nigam says:

Sony a7r4 vs canon dx mark2

Matt Theodorus says:

What a completely unbiased review. It’s refreshing

Infinite Rush says:

I had a card fail after a phenomenal shoot, never recovered the footage, and it a Sandisk on my Canon 70. What a disaster. I've never bought another card from them again. Dual recording ever since I've been able to.

Nuno Ponces says:

Not bad for Sony, for such a price difference is not bad at all… I hope someday I can buy Sony a6100 because for this one from Sony I can't for sure haha

The Btex says:

East or West Sony is best 😁

MrHiitboy says:

15:16 the conclusion love it

quang nghị Lê says:

Why compare a canon dc camera launched in 2016 and a sony dc camera made in early 2018 when the technology of the two manufacturers went far apart?

Heartrender1st says:

Why dont you put the EF canon lenses on a sony body?

AppleTalk says:

Which Camera would you recommand for me wich can shoot 4k video for a filmmaker? It should be use withe the dji ronin!

BarTab Mag says:

Nice segue into the commercial at the end.

Malkit singh says:

Canon my favorite

Arlen Wang says:

sony lenses dont make noise at all .

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