Canon 1D X Mark III Camera Review (Photography) : TWO Cameras in ONE Body?

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It’s a legendary camera, without a doubt… and we finally got our hands on the latest revision. The Canon 1D X Mark III builds upon its own success and further refines it. Honestly, picking it up in your hand and using it, the camera empowers you to shoot. And with all those features packed into it, we think that it might just be TWO cameras in ONE.

It’s an amazing still-cameras AND it’s an amazing film-camera.

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Editor – Bobby Tonelli
Camera/Producer – Kai Hong
Video Editor – Hui Yee

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Thanks to Canon Singapore for letting us try out the camera and the various lenses


Dual Vanos says:

Great review !
What Kind of straps do you use?

Nighthawk says:

Oh, my! It's out… first I smashed the like button as I know this video is going to be awesome and then I watch it! I'm watching….

alex mutovin says:

you are really good photographer, love to watch!

Jose A De Leon says:

Hey Bobby, Jose from Puerto Rico. You did it man! You made the review. Awesome review and awesome camera! I wish you would've had more time with it so you could've really explored all the features. Having said that, I really enjoyed this. I hope you're safe with all this going. on; so take care and until the next one.

Gustavo Ulloa says:

3:03… she is ok?

telemaq76 says:

i love those beasts, my old 1ds mark III still shines, my 1d mark one too. 1dx 3 probably the most versatile camera money can buy.

tominfhl says:

Shotta!!!! Finally a video about the photography aspects of the camera! Amen.

androidgames 7 says:

It is the best

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