Canon 1200D (Rebel T5) – Unboxing!

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This new girl is gonna take care of all the guys in the Medo Army! Let’s give her a warm welcome! Enjoy!

Hey guys, welcome to my tech channel!

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Sri Rubiati says:

Nabung dulu buat beli ini kamera🙍🙍🙍

Exo X Eri says:

How much?😂😂

virgik sko says:

9:22 why when I look in there, even press the button its still not focused? Pls help

Tim Robin says:

How is the camera holding up? I'm going to get my very first one in about a month. Still, I want to know if it serves you well.

The Lunatic guys says:

Its good to buy or not.. As I'm a beginner..

Mr_ AD4M says:

What’s the price pleasee?

Laís Silva de Oliveira says:

The best unboxing that I've seen!

Joel Abrahams says:

is this touchscreen

Youssef Mohamed Tolba says:

انت مصري يلا

2376 animation says:

How much is the canon

Sʌĸïʟ ʜossaïŋ says:

Atar price koto..

Hala Mhmd Mhmd says:

انا حسات لما ال كميرا

super man says:

good man lal salam

Mr. VeeK says:

how many MAH of this battery ?

Jalon says:

I love your accent its basically how I sound when i'm mocking Germans

Karlie Sageth De Mejia says:


Kara_ Fura says:

" a quick little unboxing" 12:49 minutes long ;-;

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