Canon 100D vs Canon 700D / Rebel SL1 vs Rebel T5i DSLR Camera Comparison Video

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Canon 100D vs Canon 700D / Rebel SL1 vs Rebel T5i DSLR Camera Comparison Video


The Canon EOS 100D / Rebel SL1 heralds a decision by Canon to counter the growing CSC market as it marks the world’s smallest and lightest DSLR. Slotting into Canon’s EOS for beginners camera range, the Canon EOS 100D camera positions itself between the entry-level Canon EOS 1100D and Canon EOS 600D and 700D.

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The Canon EOS 700D – or Canon Rebel T5i as it’s known in some territories – is the latest model in the Canon’s popular triple-digit series. The range launched back in 2003 with the Canon EOS 300D – the world’s first truly affordable DSLR – and with each evolution building on its predecessor’s performance and feature-set. It’s little wonder then that Canon’s EOS DSLR range has been so successful, attracting both new and experienced users alike.

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Mazin Bashar says:

100d or Nikon d3300?

LyrikaProductions says:

So good to see Auto focus on video mode!

Arneye says:

im a beginner and i don't know which camera to get. i narrowed my choices to the canon sl1, canon t3i and the nikon d3200. i mainly intend to take shots of friends and landscape shots. which do you think is best for me and if so any recommendations?

Clark Brain says:

Buying GuideWe analyse what's on offer and what's best from the current Niko Canon 100D vs Canon 700D Camera Review.mp4 :  The cheapest first class product i recommend .Very important quality…


The 100D is a great camera the price is half that of the 700D.

Brant Schenk says:

They are not both the same price!

Sweet Caliba says:

What's the best for video ??

Ben Steele says:

Are they seriously selling that 100D at £649 RRP

Pin Edo says:

700D is good.. 100D is better… 100D got same image quality of thr fullframe 5dMk3 i've tested it eith my friends.. 700D < 650D (quality) 700D > 650D (update filters). Btw, cant compare 1100D vs 100D… Lol… What a shame.. A suicide for 1100D hehe!

Tom B says:

Why didn't these guys use a lapel mic!

dancingqiirl says:

Do you happen to know if the SL1/100D becomes too front-heavy with the 18-135mm stm lense?

merasanam says:

I was expecting a review to contain technical information not how it feels in your hand.

photoclub0506【Railway Channel】 says:

Japan:EOS Kiss X7 vs EOS Kiss X7i

FBH Media says:

Hello is the 100d good for air shows and displays?

hyperchaz123 says:

2:45 and the abuse of the 700d starts

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