Camera Review – Sigma dp3 Quattro – For the color connoisseur

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Its time to look at another camera that few people even know exists, The Sigma DP3 Quattro.
If you haven’t been paying attention to my Sigma reviews the short story is that these cameras have a special kind of three layered sensor called Foveon.
It is best used at iso100. But in return it gives you a splendid image and magical colors.

Video recorded with:
Fuji X100f,
Manfrotto Befree,

Sigma dp1 Review,

Sigma dp2 Review,

Sigma SD Quattro Review,


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doobeedoo2 says:

just amazing…the images here are even better than your other videos


What a neat camera… I'm thankful you made a review of it!

discardedknight says:

Does it have any image stabilisation system? It looks a bit awkward to hold

Malcolm Cragg says:

I think inscrutable is an appropriate description of your delivery 😇

Hélio Solar says:

Can't decide between the DP2 and DP3,, don't want to buy both 🙂

Luis Marcelo Zanlucki says:

A few minutes here, hours in eBay! Mattias, you are impossible!

Izwan Ahmad says:

I don't know man, I just really enjoyed your contents. Thanks!

Aman Surolia says:

Nice review 👌

Gwadar TV says:

So is it in fact a DSLR or no no boy.

Maverik 17 says:

OMG, Crisp color.

Johns Junk says:

Well done. It looks cool. Might make a good companion for a full frame shooter that keeps an ultra wide mounted. Just to capture those detail shots.

Anthony B. says:

gotta ditch my fuji for a sigma

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