Camera review: Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra (vs. Galaxy S20 Ultra)

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The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is Samsung’s greatest smartphone yet. Join us as we take a deep dive to learn how well its cameras perform and how it compares to the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

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0:00 – Intro
0:29 – Camera specs
0:56 – Testing AF in close range
1:27 – Main camera DAYLIGHT performance
1:57 – Ultra-wide camera daylight performance
2:18 – 5x telephoto camera daylight performance
2:44 – Main camera LOW-LIGHT performance
3:12 – Ultra-wide camera low-light performance
3:27 – 5x telephoto camera low-light performance
4:21 – Portrait photos (main camera)
4:50 – Selfie camera
5:11 – Video recording
5:42 – 8K video
6:01 – 4K video
6:37 – Video stabilization test
7:04 – Conclusion


Brian Withers says:

One of the few reviews to correctly state that s20 ultra autofocus is fixed. All others seemed to compare s20 ultra at launch to note 20 ultra at launch

Ivano Forgione says:

that last scene at the end looks straight out of some David Lynch short video shaenenigans


For a snapdragon variant

But on exynos?

Baba Ladala says:

The most authentic Chanel on YouTube Gsm arena but why doesn't getting views i don't understand 😏😌😏😏


Beautiful review ♥♥

GSMArena Official says:

Our full Galaxy Note20 Ultra review is now up:

Nate the great says:

There is no other phone with a better ultra wide trust me i watched all the comparisons, I have no life. 😥

rwlcrz says:

Angie yey 🥰

Sien Britanico says:

Review of vivo v19 please

José Gálvez says:

kinda overpriced seen how s20 uiltra price went odown and pictures are almost the same

Christopher Kling says:

Pointless comparison. 2 phones from same manufacturer….

Emmanuel Chiemeka says:

Beautiful review from an even more beautiful lady ❤

SimpIeton says:

Fuck moderate sharpening.

All my bois appreciate aggressive sharpening.

Grandeur Betta says:

I just want to know if it can do close up. I have S20 Ultra and it sucks on close up.

Romeo Diyong says:

Do audio test loudspeaker test

Rajarshi Mahanti says:

What varient you guys have is it Snapdragon or Exynos??

Kʀᴜᴢᴢ Yᴀᴅᴀᴠ says:

This phone in Mystic Bronze is sooo beautiful. The best looking smartphone in 2020 IMO. But that Exynos is a good enough reason to completely avoid this phone.

Tareq Chowdhury says:

I would pick S20 Ultra as the price has gone down significantly in 3rd party sellers. Also the flat screen is better than Note

Aaryan Brox Pradhan says:

Please review the Vivo Y50🙏

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