Camera of the DECADE (you'll HATE it)

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Tony Northrup reviews the most important cameras of the last ten years and picks the single most hsitorically significant camara. Contestants include the Sony a7R IV, the Nikon D850, the Sony a9, the iPhone X, the Google Pixel 4, and others. We promise, you don’t know what the camera of the decade is going to be and you’re NOT going to like our choice.

Filmed with the Canon EOS R: &
Music provided by Epidemic Sound (affiliate):


saifulazrinfoto says:

Bokeh is a new color science.

oneduelist says:

Remember being blown away by NX reviews. Then… silence.

Dirface says:

Jaws 3D vibes on the background.

Chris B says:

nice work Tony!!!

S B says:

….Starts taking apart his S9+ …. looks around for a mirrorless camera body to mate with the android. Cyberdroid camera is born.
I think the Samsung was definitely ahead of it's time. I would ditch my canon for the new version of this IN A HEARTBEAT. Just pick a mount that would accept some family of lenses. Or, make multiple versions. Have a Nikon Dslr and great glass? Get the Samsung camera version N…. cannon? Version C! They could rule the camera world.

Kevin Randolph says:


MobileChaos says:

Shouldn’t a camera now days be relegated to just a sensor and lens? The processor and functions are all code that can be run on your smartphone or smart device. Maybe this decade we will get the Sony or Cañon camera add on. Slide your phone into the back of the module to be the brains of the camera.

Alejandro Mery says:

Tony, what are your thoughts about the ulanzi dof adapter to mount sony E lenses onto phones?

wandiloch says:

I agree that it's 'a' camera of the decade, but if image quality is the only factor, then camera of the decade is the Sigma SD1

Zac Redacted says:

Also, why is the Camera of the Decade a camera, by admittance of this very video, a camera that has had zero impact on the market, on future cameras, or on anyone’s memory? Why would you pick a camera that had the potential to set things right, but never did? I don’t understand why ‘the biggest missed chance’ won anything. It doesn’t make any sense.

Irene DP says:

sincerely, I dont even look at Sonys

Shaka says:

Tony and his technicolor bokeh.

TomTom says:

well the camera of the decade may have been some fancy DSLR or mirrorless, but the format of the decade and probably this too is film….back from the dead it is enjoying exponential growth…

Rodney Schmidt says:

Now the background actually looks like a bad greenscreen. It's the exact opposite of what any cinematographer would want.

Cruzboy says:

omg, thought you were going to say the Samsung!… i was so gutted when this got discontinued… and h265 still hasn't caught on, so ahead of its time

Sebastian Angelo-Perez says:

It looks like he’s using green screen..

Ba'al Busters says:

What's with the Pink Dilly in your hand on the thumbnail? To each their own, I'm not judging. But pink though? Ha ha. The way you cradle it is overtly sensuous.

Borrowed Time says:

The idea of cellphones being the camera of the decade is dubious at best. It relies exclusively on social media which is highly volatile. I would have given an award to either the Samsung NX-1 for shier useful accurate value for most aspects (excluding lenses). Pentax K-1 for over all value and the Nikon D850 for general purpose. I would give Fujifilm an honorable mention since they did listen and make fixes but they never did get to the multipurpose and don't have the weather tolerances that they should. My Guess is that what ever the X-T4 will be like will put it in league with Nikon and Pentax. Other Honorable mention would be the Sony A99ii great camera except for sluggish memory card write speeds and no future for lenses but that didn't stop it from being a reliable camera.
I give the best award to the Nikon D750.

Cine Decodificado says:

That bokeh is how aliens with dilated eyes see.

Martijn Smit says:

Hi Tony, can you do a video about the fake moonlanding theory? Marcus Allen from Nexus magazine has some interesting videos about it. He claims that the photography and photos can not be real based on lighting, handling, etc. He seems to know a lot on photography and the camera's used. Search on youtube on "the moon landings fact or fiction complete fixed". The video shows up only on 10th position or so (weird). Maybe you can comment on this conspiracy theory and give us your view on the photography side of the moon landings. Would be something new and refreshing for you to make a video about 🙂

Craig Mcdermott says:

My first proper camera was a Samsung NX1000, although not the same, it had a lot of wireless connectivity to the Galaxy Tab 2 i got free with it plus it was just an incredible camera.

Alex Caballero says:

I'll say what I have to tell my kids repeatedly … stay still!

Imran Shah says:

90% of the comment : Tony and his bokeh

Chris&January Williamson says:

I actually had a "simpler version" of that Samsung camera… Mine didn't change lenses and didn't have as good of a quality of picture… But was still awesome… I bought it for $600 on a home shopping channel lol

Outlander Por Aí says:

Well, it's like that tablet Microsoft launched in the early 2000's and almost no one gave a damm. A few years later Apple introduced the iPad and made huge profits with it. Some products are amazing but easily forgotten. I believe if Canon, Nikon, Sony or any camera manufactor brings back this concept of "smart camera" they would sell a lot in the 20's. I know smart phone cameras are way better now, but they still lack some functions, such as zoom above 5x and long exposure

nisse nissesson says:

Finally someone who understands their story!Your latest video answers what you already know.
Quality does not always cost more money or more work.
 Then maybe we can see high quality video that is black and white.
After that, the circle is closed.//

hypercube33 says:

Tony went out and got the new Nikon f0.95 lens just to get more bokkkehhhhhhhh

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