Camera Helmet / SENA Momentum Pro Review

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My name is Adam Sandoval and I travel the country with 2 goals, 1. Give back to our community and veterans. 2. Inspire people to live/enjoy the motorcycle culture. This channel is a window into my life and all these efforts.

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caramelzappa says:

The image quality is passable for a traffic accident cam but not for motovlogs. The sound is flat out bad.

Big Joe says:

video is not that great and sound was even worse…would not by this. maybe 2 version later they may get it right. Thanks for the review.

Andrew Thrasher says:

I am new to the channel am looking for a bike and came across your vids. I can say 1 thing we need more people like Adam Sandoval in the world you sir are a good man god bless..

Steve Reinheimer says:

Glad you reviewed this. Image stability and absolutely horrible audio really stuck out to me. If you used that audio for all your vids, Adam, I’d bet you’d have less than half the following. I say that in the nicest way possible because I love your channel. ✌️

kevin quick says:

Great looking helmet, but terrible audio, and video not very impressive. That explains the cost being so much lower than expected. I would buy one for the safety rating and looks, and the features would be a cheap option bonus.

jeff morris says:

Nice looking helmet however the audio was muffled. How does it sound during communications between riders? Video was a little flat looking as well. Oh well that's why I like your reviews, you leave it up to us to decide. One other issue is having a battery pack on my head. What is the weight like?

Susan Fenwick says:

I think the only negative is that you can't remove the camera or communication to put it on another helmet if the helmet itself gets damaged. But…..the affordable price point sort of takes care of that. How many hours can you record with the camera?

Charlie Blood says:

That's really nice. You have me thinking about going wireless. Thanks for the info.

Mr Roye says:

Can you email me Adam Sandavol, I want to talk to you about something

jeff powers says:

Seems the audio extremely muffled. Do you mix the sena video with your go pro and if so, do you car to adjust color on the Seana portion?

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