Camera Comparison: Red Epic W vs Sony A7RII

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Today on The Slanted Lens Jay P. and Kenneth are comparing the Red Epic-W to the Sony A7RII. Come check it out!

Keep those cameras rollin’ and keep on clickin’.

-Jay P.

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YoungBlaze says:

was the red on the right and the sony on left?

زولك ZoLaK says:

Forget the comparison which camera/settings did you guys use for shooting this episode?
Seriously you look perfect!

Sagun Manandhar says:

Nice video trying to explain why red cam is not good for photography. Although I have one question and that is "Why video doesn't look as great as photography ? " May be because of shutter speed? may be because of low light ? may be because of extreme retouching ? There must be quite a long list and I would like to know all the reasons one day. If red wants it can turn it into hybrid to shoot photos like a7s / r and then I think we can get very near to canon mark level photos. The core thing is the censor and color science and I think red has it. but it's just not built for photography yet or will never be built. The secret : Hassleblad and Phaseone have bribed Red. 😛 😛

Codee says:

no offense but teens don't like to watch old people reviewing the things they fancy.

Tamer Bekir says:

Way to not even indicate which still comes from which camera? How do you even miss that? And you’re comparing still images and not even video? This comparison is useless.

hzubovi1 says:

A video comparison would be sweet

Magic K says:

I actually prefer the Sony output. Man this company rocks! 🙂

Arturo Jimenez JR says:

Girl in the middle is hella cute

ARES says:

holly molley ….. a 1,300 euro camera ( second hand ) can produce good image now day

dpxFilmmaking says:

Good to compare camera other is pro film or pro dslr with different lenses etc.. BUT funny enough before filmmaker use to film in 35mm film "and some still film in 65mm film" what make me laugh is: today we have many cameras who are very good in anyways better or less they still very good pics however the funny part is most of the videos ppls do are been watch on phones or tablets lol .. So even if it's: 4k,UHD, 2k, HD etc.. you r not going to much difference ..Before we use to watch tv "720 / 576 and we wanted to buy a bigger tv now we have all that and we end up watching 4k in tablet and phone .. if you want to do a cinema film then go with the pro with everything go with it if you go for YouTube then any will be good quality …" saying that Steven Soderbergh did a film on iPhone so…" what good or bad this days .. depends of the contents too .. have fun and go for it what ever the camera you have ..lighter camera better you can move believe me …

Elliot La-Mer says:

I must mention it's quite annoying that you never mention which is the Sony and which is the Red. every YouTube comparison put titles so it's clear which is which. but in this video you don't even tell the viewers which is which.
that's a CC. for next time 😉

Director Meade says:

Ever heard of something called the record button on both cameras? Everyone is here for video

Warren Kelly says:

Adding filters is not a raw comparison , red can not complete with stills

Phil Toran says:

WHICH IS WHICH?!?! Come on…

Chicago Masters says:

RED raw doesn't add any sharpening in camera, so he have to add it to taste in post.

Zebulon B says:

In this video it seems you guys are having a continuing conversation that we were not a part of when it started. Read the script for your intro to the DR test . . . no fuckin idea what science or method is being used here. Just a random +2 -2 based on some random baseline ISO.

BTW: the RED is a fixed ISO320 camera – that's what the sensor is. ISO800 is recommended to prevent users from blowing their highlights since it will make them dial back the exposure about a stop or so. So 'setting the RED ISO at 250' does nothing since ISO is metadata in the RED world. There is no in camera ISO gain like there is in the Sony. The best way to compare any camera to a RED is to set them both to ISO 320, then compare the ISO gain in camera on the Sony, Canon etc against the ISO increase in Post through the RAW converter process on the RED. Again, RED cameras are fixed ISO320. Period. Learn a bit about the gear you test before presenting yourself as experts.

Other than that: label your tests for the love of god! Which is which at what settings from scene to scene?!? Basic 5th Grade science project stuff here boys. First time here on your channel – won't be back. Just two dudes rambling on about gear they don't fully understand with no scientific method or aesthetic revelations. Get a coffee at Denny's next time and chat with each other without recording and posting it.

Chris Kennedy says:

So for the RED, which color space did you use? Was it with the new pipeline: IPP2 which also will bump up the quality a bit? And which compression was used???

Obi-Wan Kenobi says:

Silly comparison 🙈😂

Shawn Cheng says:

The model is so beautiful

rmp5s says:

Guys…which is which…wtf…

Phil Pan says:

These comparisons are worthless unless you do individual camera profiles via calibration tools such as X-Rite's DNG Profiler. Once the chromaticities, ISO rating and tone curve of the cameras are matched to a common standard, you can compare apples to apples.

Colourberry says:

Very ordinary comparison. You didn't even shoot the dynamic range test side by side in the same scene.

And of course the red is going to appear to be able to be pushed further in post when you under exposed it in the first place….

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