Camera Comparison: Pixel 2 vs DSLR!

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Let me know what you think of the pictures and what camera you prefer!
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*Edit: I made a mistake with the price, Pixel 2 is less expensive (around $650), the XL costs around the same as the Canon’s body.*
In this video I compare the best camera on a smartphone (Google Pixel 2) with a “pro-sumer” DSLR the Canon 80D.
Pixel 2 was impressive because of how well it fares against the Canon. Its software processing really makes it stand out and in terms of exposure and in low light it often beat the DSLR due to auto HDR and noise reduction processing. The portrait mode is also very impressive however the results are still far from the DSLR’s.
The Canon 80D did really well, as expected, I know I didn’t have the best lens but that did not hold it back much. Its best feature is definitely its versatility and not to forget the very accurate and natural canon colors 😍.
As an “average consumer” you don’t need to buy a DSLR or even a ‘proper’ camera at all to get amazing pictures.
As for anyone who is more serious about photography a smartphone can’t replace a DSLR (yet 😉) but they will be able to appreciate how good the Pixel 2’s images are.
**Apologies for the poor audio quality, I screwed something up with my microphone, next video will be better**
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תהילה יאיר says:

Hi Darius K
, what do you think about Comparing a compact and high-quality camera to a DSLR?

Sugunesh Vallinayagam says:

Aft 10 years.. we can see mobile phone with perfect wide angle lenses . And dslr getting extinct..!

lamih 009 says:

As you see in pixel event so you added a second camera right no needed now that genius that means pixel 2 is genuis

SCH says:

WOW !!! My country Cambodia ( Siem Reap province )

afro symphony says:

As someone who edits with photoshop, its clear 80d won no contest for me. I cant stand the oversharpening in these phones ESPECIALLY samsung.

Jon Cena says:

This guy doesn't know what he's doing. He's comparing a raw to a jpeg


just using a better lens the 80 d will do a much better job and blurred bg..also raw images are always a little bit foggy which does not mean that it has lower dynamic range.using right metering and manual white balance will give wow results just out of the camera,the overexposed sky is not obvious..just trying to say with a proper lens dslrs are way better in each and every aspect than the smartest camera on a phone..:)thank you.

kiselev 8956 says:

Он определённо красит губы!!!

Rohan Abraham says:

Great video. My mom was intending on dropping $450 on a new camera, but I told her she should wait until she gets a new phone. It would be really cool if you do this with the pixel 3 also.

supertoroism says:

If you are good at editing photos and making adjustments the way they should be in every scene and need a device to take super accurate images go ahead and buy the dslr. But If you are just going to take the photo and maybe add some instagram filters to it pixel 2 is better as you wouldn't take the advantage of higher resolution due to instagrams formats.

jay mendez says:

I really love your comparison of both devices but sorry I could not help looking at your balls when you where seating down 🙁



Justin Shaffer says:

The Cannon ADD

Creative School says:

wow…..can u put Huawei p20 pro raw files in your YouTube links (Google drive) plz plz…… thanks

Elazar says:

Get a different Microphone Dude

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