Camera Comparison – P40 Pro vs S20 Ultra (UPDATED) vs Pixel 4 – Day / Night

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this video is a full camera comparison between P40 Pro Vs S20 Ultra Vs Pixel 4 XL in Day Light and Night Mode comparison, including Pictures and Videos in day light, low light and Zoom scenarios

Samsung S20 Ultra camera update (April ATCT) was pushed out recently so I thought let me compare P40 Pro Camera Vs S20 Ultra Vs Pixel 4 XL

Samsung updated the camera software on Galaxy S20 ultra right when I received my Huawei P40 Pro. I decided to compare the 2 cameras along with Google Pixel 4 XL to understand which of these is a better camera phone.
This video compares all scenarios, including night mode, zoom, ultrawide, audio test and video comparison.


Hyun Ji 16 says:

Here my Take of how i see each phone perform

S20 Ultra : The best video capture prolly second to Iphone…..Daylight shot is pretty consistent…not wow but just great…..Potrait mode is a bit too warm for my liking….HDR certainly can be improved….but its good…Night shot is where kinda it fall apart…i think they should focus on that aspect …would give them 8/10

P40 Pro : God this camera took really good detail picture….Video is Is ok….Night shot is Amazing…..But color is not as Good….and very inconsistent sometimes… still good…..Wide angle here for me is a bit too narrow…but it does the job…..Still would give them 8.5/10

Pixel : It takes the best and most consistent shot out of all in daylight….Still consistently good in Night….Video is good but not as good as S20…..Color is nicee….and potrait iss pretty good…but the lack of hardware capabilities make this phonee not able to compete in certain part….if google wants to be competitive they should consider puting the best hardware they can for pixel 5
would give 7.5/10

VnRaito says:

Sorry out of topic, do you think regular S10 cameras quality and video recording deserve skipping the s9 plus?

Hamaid Ahmed says:

Wht I got to know is.. You like Samsung!

George Costanza says:

Love what the P40 was able to do with images that are extremely backlit @6:44 and low light performance is simply amazing. However under normal lighting conditions, it does seem to over expose the images… also don't like how it makes reds look either too pink or too orange. But keep in mind you're not going to be comparing identical images between several devices under normal use. So I'd say they're all quite good and a normal consumer would not be disappointed with any of them, however the Pixel is noticeably lacking when it comes to camera features.
Ps. Better make it clear for the western viewers that Tiger Balm doesn't actually contain tiger parts @9:25😂

mohd Saif says:

P40 pro is the best👍

Rudy Raito says:

6:206:25, i prefer s20 picture, more shadow make it more natural picture…and better view overall…

Subscribe please says:

Samsung looks so sharp

Laurent Taylor says:

P40 pro the best overall! 🤔

SSaini says:

Pixel 4 has the best color science and white balance.

amit sadhwani says:

True comparison…(ur reviews are so deeply focused on camera comparison every single point to be covered was there)

Video Maker says:

P40s colors suck, pixel 4 is the most natural, Samsung has its signature colors as always. For simple daylight shots, I would prefer the pixel and the s20 ultra, but overall I would choose the s20 ultra because it has way more features than the pixel 4. P40 has too many issues to be considered a top camera on a phone, but still, it’s a had a really good camera,
Just not as good as Samsung or google.

Jake Aloha says:

For s20 Ultra you can actually adjust to either warm or cool tone 🤷‍♂️

Shariar Hossain says:


TheDarkserpent says:

To me pixel win in almost every single shot, just on some night shots p40 won, and on daily shots p40 has the worst photos, all of them looks edited.

Li Yu says:

Even with all those issues, s20u is still better than P40 pro in so many scenarios. Huawei's colour is just wrong in many photos, and since this has been a issue since p20, I don't think it will change any time soon.

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