Camera Comparison – P30 Pro vs Pixel 3 XL vs S10 Plus

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Pixel has so far been the poster child of smartphone photography. Samsung brought in S10 to compete with it and now Huawei is trying to dethrone pixel with its latest flagship P30 Pro

I did a comparison between these phones and compared day light shots, selfies, portraits and night time pictures.

Watch the video to see which camera is best for you!

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Paul Sweeney says:

For some reason I'm not too happy with day pictures with the p30 pro

Isaac Quintero says:

In normal light conditions the samsung s10 plus mobile is the most balanced, color, saturation, contrast, hdr. In low light conditions, dark mode the best I think is the 3xl pixel, it is impressive. Also p30 pro does a good job. And for portrait maybe the fight is between p30 and 3xl pixel

kamal singh says:

But still Huawei is a android device and the father of Android is Google 😎

Jhuv Gasacao says:

Still Pixel 3 xl is legend…. P30 bad looking pics, I much prefer iPhone xs max.

DaveFKY says:

Tf. My Pixel 3a is the same..

Brad Guerrero says:

We're you using Night Shot on the pixel? That thing sees in the dark.

Brad Guerrero says:

Turn the skin tone down on the Samsung. Just click on the wand in the top right and slide the skin tone slider to 0. Works on both front and back cameras.

GamerGrl90 says:

I've stayed away from Huawei since my old POS Glory from TracFone.

Daaoa says:

Camera = P30pro
Front camera = S10+
Worthy + AI = 3XL

Asia Streets says:

They shouldn't been called phones anymore, they should call them cameras with able to call. Nowadays all is focus on the camera in the phone. How about user friendly? Battery time? Sound quality?

Paul Morran says:

Saturation is not an issue – so easy to change in post. What matters is dynamic range and detail.

The hand sanitizer is very telling – elsewhere I have always heard the Pixel praised for supernatural edge detection!

Aman Singh says:

Does anyone have galaxy s10 gcam for exynos model with night sight working…. Thanks

Sanjay Patel says:

I subscribed !!! You will be 10k subscribers in no time.

jonah travisano says:

Nice job… Not sure some of its personal taste but I think I like the Pixel the best out of all of them as I think it's the best all around .

Akshay Belkhede says:

We got it, P30 Pro is NIGHT KING. Tell that to Bran.

Dimitar Iliyanov says:

In literally half of the night time pics the highlist on the pixel 3xl and the p30 were overexposed, contrary to the samsung which managed that very well. The huawei is good only taking pictures in complete darkness, something which is completely usless to say the least.

moresources says:

every review i see that involves p30 pro, the colors are so off, guess thats what you get with ryyb.

Muhammad Nasir says:

Amazing comparison bro, nailed it…..cant wait for u to reach 100k subscribers …..

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