Camera Comparison: Nikon D850 vs Sony A7RIII

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Debating on whether or not to get a Nikon D850 or a Sony A7RIII?

Well make sure to check out today’s video!

We’re putting the Nikon D850 up against the Sony A7rIII in this camera comparison, today on The Slanted Lens!

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Keep those cameras rollin’ and keep on clickin’.

-Jay P.

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carl mcneill says:

These are the two cameras that I'm considering. They both have their pros and cons. Sony will come out with their firmware update soon which will put their eye AF on a higher level than it already is. Nikon know how to build their cameras and from what I've seen the d850 is solid. We don't know what the a7Riii can really handle yet. I know in one of the tests it got water in the battery compartment. Sony is in the lead with the tech. Not just in their cameras but in the new G master lenses from what I've seen. I'm just not certain of their build quality. If I'm going to spend that much on a camera and lenses I want to know they're going to last.

Mamiya Phan says:

she's a doll

Japcrap 2 says:

Don't get the Sony wet.

duy luu says:

sony a7riii picture come out look more real color and more 3d. Nikon D850 images look so flat and no 3d.

BumpinTheRoad says:

Almost a year later and Canon still doesn't have a camera that competes. As someone who shoots stills and video this is a huge disappointment, enough so that I've been selling-off my less used Canon gear in anticipation of switching brands.

Solarflares says:

I think you guys are overlooking the Zeiss Batis prime lenses for the A7R III. These lenses are very compact and with them the A7R III has a real advantage in size. Quality–wize they can keep up with the large GM glass. Huge selling point for me, since there are no such options for the D850.

Stanley Wall says:

You both (with my respect) didnt give those cameras what they deserve. the pictures of both cameras are so ugly and so flat … you really made me disappointed. just because you didnt know how to use them ? I thought you both are pro …

Urbano Moda says:

The only true statement in this review was " Canon don't have a camera that compete in this category " (at the time of filming in 2017) and this bold statement that "no photographers know what they are doing anymore" seriously only you then in the world right ? You could visually see the younger chap shocked himself and threw in a grinding joke to help cover the situation. All this said, the video and your efforts are appreciated, i had my eyes on picking up a D500 or D850 but now i see that the Sony might actually more clearer, sharper and have better three dimensional result. Thanks for sharing

M AKLife says:

For photography, Nikon does a better. For videography, Sony is what you'll need.

Pit 78 says:

Canon have 5dsr

Rafael Gonzalez says:

Bruh 5:51 she cant smile lol

John Pepp says:

Don't get me wrong I like seeing comparison between Nikon and Sony. What I don't like is bickering that goes on. If I were rich I would have many different camera bodies and lenses, but I'm not. It just seems to me the people who are loyal to brand seem to get hurt when their camera has a knock against it and seem to think they have to attack the opposing camera.
I learn a valuable lesson 4 or 5 years ago when my parents came over and showed me pictures of the cruise the just took. There was one picture that my father took of the cruise ship that simply blew me away and the funny thing is he took the picture on his smartphone. While most of the other pictures where just ordinary snapshots this picture was not. My father simply just got lucky in taking that particular picture, but this just reinforces my opinion that it not the camera it's the person behind the camera that determines if it's a good picture or not. Another example is the picture of the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima. The first photographer was so ecstatic that he was the first person to take a picture of the flag raising that he rushed down the mountain to get it published or left under the impression that his photo was going to be remembered in the history books. Then the marines thought it would better to have a second flag raising (I think that was the case) and so Joe Rosenthal decided to take that picture. I also suspect Joe told the marines how to pose when raising the American Flag and what they say is history. I also suspect that Joe Rosenthal's camera gear was not in the best of condition and didn't have the greatest weather sealing for after all there was a war going on. 😉 I'm no Joe Rosenthal, but I'm happy with my camera (Sony A7R III) and learn it's me that determines if I take a good picture or not. If I own the Nikon D850 then I would be just as happy with that camera and I would be trying to take good pictures with that. One last thing, I also found over the years having good glass is a must, because having bad glass handicaps you even before you get started. However, that is a different topic. Just my .02 cents


sony a7s2 camera 50mm lense test shoot..

Brian Counts says:

The Sony is a very high preforming toy camera. Built in obsolescence. No weather sealing. A little camera with a big lens. Totally unbalanced. Just silly.

Robert Collis says:

Thanks guys and girl. I came across this video by accident but I'm so glad I did. I was a practicing photographer for over thirty years after graduating with a MFA from RIT. In the good old days I used the Nikon F systems exclusively. I and my fellow photographers relied on our eyes to focus as well as a lot of bracketing. We bracketed so much that the f stop clicks disappeared. I'm going to subscribe to your site and hope to see a lot more of your features.

Peter Ferry says:

If I had money to spend I wouldn't even consider the sony

smilsmff says:

Matt Grainger already showed that D5 was superior with 3D Tracking over D850, better to focus yourself

Humans R Ants says:

There's an A7S III coming this year and a Nikon mirrorless.

Maneesh Roberts says:

To me it looks like Sony is closer to natural look, while Nikon is overexposing a tad (shutter speed, not ISO, would provide the clue but you guys never touched on it and stuck with ISO).

Stefan Bachrodt says:

Certainly one of the more aesthetically pleasing subjects to be looking at when compared to the other 69346547453784 camera comparisons I've watched tonight! =P Thanks gents!

films el paraiso says:

I have both of these and i love em both but as a pro it doesnt even compare to my 850

floex831 says:

Both are amazing, I would prefer the A7 III as I don't do much video. That said, I am waiting to see Nikon's mirrorless offering before I decide to jump ship.

nano j says:

biased review, spoken by two fragile questionably feminine men whos hands hurt holding a real camera

Cloud Air says:

this lens is different and the focus is different,SONY should use GM
Nikon USES gold.www

Edo Wijaya says:

Are sony have good software? Cause i dont like lightroom and adobe camera raw.


nice comparing projects but from your tutorial sony a7iii a few steps forward then Nikon this is suggestion

Huh? what?? uhhhhh......aaaaaaaaaaarghhhh!?!?!? says:

disregard this video…go to THE CAMERA STORE those Canadians know their shit

Saph X Barrett says:

The D850 can shoot just as flat as the sony. You can install LOG profiles. I would not reccomend shooting S log on the sony either. You see horrible compression happening in the color and you are essentially baking the image like that. Not a good idea at all.

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