Camera Comparison: Nikon D810, Canon 5D Mark IV, Sony A7R II

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Hi, this is Jay P. Morgan and Kenneth Merrill. Today on The Slanted Lens we’ve got a camera comparison for still photographers. We’re taking a look at the Canon 5D Mark IV, the Nikon D810, and the Sony A7R II. Our goal is to get a direct comparison, so we’ve got native lenses and our settings are the same on each camera to see how each system inherently stacks up. Leave us a comment or head over to our FB page ( to let us know which you prefer.

Keep those cameras rollin’ and keep on clickin’.

-Jay P.

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Akira Yamaoka says:

Sony destroys both these cameras in my opinion. I've used Canon for years but Sony's come really far in technological advancement and capture quality.

TheI89o says:

Menos malbone, kiu estas tiu mino, kiu estas bombona, ĉar ĉi tio daŭras du pedazojn de naboj solaj dum la video estas vere tro.

Pablo López Suárez says:

Would it be possible to download the raw files or to know the shooting settings? Especially when it comes to ISO sensitivity. Thank you.

Aayush Sharma says:

Nikon is best

Vladimir Ognyanov says:

Amazing video,Thank you!!!

truth teller says:

Bakchodi hai

Tech and Music says:

Canon images looks soft to me

Mcarthur Beard Photography says:

All I care about the camera doing is producing high quality in focus images at the end of the day the subject, lighting and composition is all up to me

itsMido2 says:

Mustachey guy is sooooo cute!

R. S says:

You are using bad example lenses! Hahah what is the point of this review? Wow even a pro photographer would find this hilarious. The colours and sharpness and quality and contrast and focus is all over the place! You also forgot to mention that the D810 has got the filter removed that is why its so sharp

Only One Cannoli says:

Please tell me you're not professional photographers….please!!!!

Jonathan Wilcox says:

Sony A7R II!!

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