Camera Comparison – Leica M6 vs M7

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In this video, I take a closer look at the Leica M6 and M7 side-by-side to see how they’re different, and in many ways the same. is it worth upgrading or spending the additional money on the M7? I think so.





D X says:

This is the best guide on the M6 and the M7. And the best comparison as well. Thank you!

Johnny Swain says:

Great comparison, thank you for the info. Where did you get that strap for the M6? It's a lovely one

Bill Price says:

What strap do you have on that M7? It's beautiful

Harshvardhan Sinha says:

I think I am the only one who landed on this video after watching Eurotrip

korvpelle says:

Do you see the voigtlander nokton through the viewfinder? Planing to buy a m6 or m7 with that lens

Connor West says:

what is the difference between the m7 0.72 and the 0.85?

John Smith says:

9:00 does m6 ttl have same issue?

sensitivethug2001 says:

I’m 32 years old and still don’t think I will be able to afford a Leica in 15 years.

bryan asmar says:

Sure I'll take it, $1000 I will paypal you.

Pete Davis says:

Never trust anyone who 'reviews' Leicas and then is seen to be using crap other lenses on them. Whole point of Leica is to buy in the lenses. Folks who use cheap other lenses on them are just poseurs. Also never trust a review from anyone wearing a baseball cap.

Nicholas Campbell says:

where can i buy one for these prices you speak of

Pulsonar says:

I wish the new MP had a bigger shutter speed wheel on top, a metal ISO wheel on the back, and the angular film winder. Little touches like that make it more worthy of the “P” in the MP.

d30gaijin says:

It would be nice to hear the M6 shutter (mechanical) vs The M7 shutter (electronic).

josh vick says:

where can i buy the M6?

Alvaro Aguilar says:

What do the silver bars in the view finder do. is there a difference between m6 and m7 in terms of viewfinder performance ?

Oliver Jin says:

If you use the M7 I feel like you might as well save the money and get the CLE

Paz Rahn says:

Nice review. Since the M7 discontinue they have jumped $1000 in price average $3000 plus.

Larry Banda says:

Nice thorough review, thanks.

Nick Bedford says:

I have a used M7 and love it, but have now switched to manual metering, leading me to feel like saving for my own brand new MP as my final rangefinder before anything happens to the model (let's hope nothing does).

Being fully mechanical and brand new unit along with a much greater skill in metering (from shooting that way) are what draw me away from the M7 for the long term. I've been shooting on M rangefinders starting with a digital M since 2015 and don't think there is a more perfect camera for me. I always come back to the Leica at the end of the day.

Rafael Arias says:

I had both, Got Rid of M7 because 2 times the battery died in the middle of a photoshoot. Got M6TTL, never had a problem and love it.

GAUROCH2 says:

…it happened that I had both at the same time and I end up getting rid of the M7…and I would not sell my M6 not by a million dollars…!

Caula Cau says:

Hi Nate
Just wondering if the top plates on the M6 and M7 are brass or aluminium. Any Idea?

Chris D says:

I thought one of the benefits of the m7 would be the faster sync speed with flash

XAN WI says:

How much have you paid for the CLA? Thanks!!


great comparison video! i have a little preference for the m6 but m7s are just a bit cheaper at the moment

张昊宇 says:

Where should I sent it to if I want to upgrade my M6’s rangefinder to the anti-glare version?

Willy Gil says:

How did you manage to send the Leica M6 to the Leica Factory for a CLA?

James Meterissian says:

Does the build quality differ ?

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