Camera Comparison! iPhone XS VS iPhone 11 Pro!

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The iPhone 11 Pro represents a huge leap forward in camera capabilities. Here we compare the iPhone XS to the new iPhone 11 Pro.

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gorilla willy says:

xs looks better lol. they will probably f**k the camera of xs via updates .

Amanda Clayton says:

The iPhone 11 Pro camera is so much better!!!

Prince Erick says:


パンチョ3号 says:

Honestly….except Deep fusion, under normal lighting condition XS is a little better, possibly because 11Pro is sometimes overexposed and ruin the warm color.
If you have XS, better wait for 12 which is planed to have 48MP in a main camera.

Volts PC says:

2:07 16:9 is just a glorified crop? You could already do that in post

MrZubeen64 says:

Tulip o hara s bro s here on YouTube

Daniel Rodriguez says:

I am deciding on which one to get and for the most part, they look identical. I am a photographer and they are tiny details. I think the night mode it’s really cool and the extra wide angle lens, but the price difference it’s night and day.

Savage07 Gaming says:


Indah Sulistiani says:

love the lens of 11 pro but still im stick with xs body

BellJD says:

I kinda wish apple people had a brain and alrdy added wide angle lens on iphone x/xs models.i mean cmon. If they add a new iphone this yr with a slight change in camera then bye. I hate the slight differnce that could have been made alrdy. Samsung got the all properties waay before iphone xs

Mohamed Sobeh says:

I want to buy 11 pro 64g but I'm afraid if the storage not enough my usage ,😕

VMiXEZ says:

I’m I the only one thinking that the bokeh looks more natural on the XS?

The Ja#zer says:

Watching this on my iPhone Xs and now I finally made the decision to keep this phone

Mzwandile Harmans says:

I love when the nights shots show they were taken at night and natural than day-fake looking night shots

KoolaidDinkyTV says:

I have se idk if i should update to XS,11 pro, or wait for iPhone 12

Jonathan Thongchanh says:

I feel like 11 pro has warmer photo light on contrast I just recently picked up XS today came with 12.0 lol I like XS photo

Disney Fan says:

LOL! This is the first time I saw an AirPod charging case on an iPhone Lightning Dock

Timestamp: 0:34

Ten Ho says:

The text on screen the iPhone 11 pro in your review is blurry. Did you always get the focus on the iphone 10 XS? Why did you do that?

fotochips says:

Most of the photos you compare are not in focus. Comparing out of focus plane on xs to in focus 11 pro…duh

Nikola Maric says:

Watching on my 11 pro 😁

Achyut Arjun says:

Is there no one comparing video quality between xs and 11 pro??

Lovely Zenny says:

I am so glad I watched this video before wasting on a 11 pro from a XS. I honestly think the XS photos look better.

Ghalii says:

why with the iphone 11 pro when you take a picture with the front camera the photo you took is reversed in the gallery

Ray Berkah Channel_Official says:

iphone 6s😥

feast says:

Ok I have a 6s plus.

I think pro is better for the price but XS looks absolutely sexy

Juan Carlos Verdejo says:

OMG Poor Paulina Rubio, that concert doesn't look full at all

Carlitox b says:

The first time in a very long time that it totally worths to upgrade the old iPhone, 11 is so good with a very competitive price

Zahid Ansari says:

I bought the XS 256gb yesterday instead of the 11 pro 64gb
I did the right thing right?
Also I like the looks of the XS more😉

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