Camera Comparison: iPhone XS vs DSLM/DSLR!

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Smartphone cameras improve drastically each year. This year I wanted to I test out the newest version of the worlds most popular camera, the iPhone Xs and compare it to a proper camera to see how far smartphone cameras have come and if they finally can hold the water to dslr and mirrorless cameras.
This is iPhone XS vs. Fuji X-T20: Camera Comparison!
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dock DiPe says:

I prefer Iphone Xs

Piotr Stępień says:

1. Comparing jpegs SOOC you should use DR400 function on Fuji (and ISO800)
2. Fuji does not have HDR function build in, iPhone has (although DR400 is HDR-Like function in Fuji)
3. Half of the photos taken with Fuji were over or underexposed – sorry, it is photographer who's taking photos, not camera…
4. Serious enthusiast would shoot RAW, iPhone is better choice for "snapper".
5. Next time try to compare raf files with iPhone RAW.

Sydney says:

Great video!

Manish Kumar says:

Mate 20 pro or any other dslr

Manish Kumar says:

Mate 20 pro vs nikon dslr

Xristos Sarras says:

Nice video! 🙂
What is the name of the song in the background? Sounds amazing!

Shubhkarman Singh says:

Great comparison.
Btw, what is the name of the track in the background?

PedritoFromPortugal says:

Don’t forget that the iPhone in auto take several photos and merge them into a kind of HDR. In post you can do a better job with RAW Fuji.

Asim Sohail says:

Excellent video mate ❤️
Were you using Jpeg for the fuji as well?

Kamal Preet says:

Great movie bro

kiran rathod says:

This camera comparison very great but plz do compare the with pixel 3

90s'Kid 1990 says:

I just use my phone for junk pictures or temporary pictures and a actual camera will last years and years and always be ready and over time phones go bad or the battery weakens and i have a actual camera for my main camera for actual real pictures

Quoutub says:

The conclusion at the end wasn't perfect. The reason to use a smartphone camera is not simply the reason that I always have it in my pocket. Basically all professional cameras can't handle high dynamic range scenes as well as smartphones, even when you use exposure compensation (as long as you don't edit the photos). So smartphones give you better 12 megapixel wide-angle landscape jpgs than professional cameras when you don't edit the jpgs and that's much more comfortable. And when you are in a hurry, you likely even aren't able to use exposure compensation!

mega killer says:

This was a much narrow beat than expected. Would love to see how the new pixel fares against such a camera!

MT 18 says:

Dude u don’t know how to use camera?
Im using fuji xt20 as well never got that sky exposure

Maksim Gladkiy says:

If you're comparing SLR to iPhone you should edit RAW files from SLR as well, because iPhone does the same thing even before you pressed a button. The blown out highlights from Fuji are completely recoverable.

Leon Chan says:

I only dive into it when I raise my own fuji. However, I do use phone more oftenly.Also Love your video!

supernova1976 says:

You switched from your G7 to XT20? how would they compare ? I always enjoy these reviews and I am always comparing my phone to my G7 pictures and found similar results to you here in this test. however I do notice the G7 produces much cleaner and way less processed images which I like.

Jill says:

Would be curious to hear you compare the pixel 3, iphone Xs, a note 9 and whatever camera you have in various tests!

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