Camera Comparison: iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy S10+

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Earlier this week, we asked our readers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to look at some photos taken with the iPhone XS Max and the Samsung Galaxy S10+, Samsung’s new flagship device, and tell us which photos they liked best.

There was a catch, though. We didn’t tell them which smartphone took which photo, allowing us to aggregate some unbiased opinions on the quality of the images from each device. Today, we’re revealing which photos came from which phone and sharing the results we gathered.

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carver 9 says:

A made everything look blue and the S10 made everything look true to life. By the way, you're a nice guy but you are bias.

Destroyer007 says:

Glad I left iPhone


iPhone XS Max is much better 100%%%better than the S10

diniesh v says:

Camera A for dynamic range. Camera b for portrait. Camera b thumbs up for that ultra wide.

LowBird says:

Who's that guy in your pictures? He's hot

No Fuks says:

I use iPhone but Samsung's pic were mostly better to me

AleKs_A says:

my eyes are up here 🙂

typical Ed says:

S10 is my route

07SATS says:

iPhone uses 1 year Old technology I read somewhere in someone's comment. comparison is unfair as XS is using 2017 technology vs Samsung 2019 or perhaps 2020.

Reymito Novas says:

Stfu fanboy…

Danius ASMR says:

Both are amazing

chrisak49 says:

Lagdroid overexposes photos. Horrible

jjb jjv says:

iPhone is better

flow flow says:

lg camera is the best

leel0000 says:

iPhone tends to shoot less contrast but then you can edit it later. As for depth of field Apple needs to improve when it comes to shooting objects like glasses or cups to make it more realistic.

N Afzal says:

I hope iPhone does something about video stabilisation in the next gen. Digital stabilisation has moved forward plenty.

Bernard says:

The HDR on the Galaxy really is better. The iPhone's shadows are way too dark on some shots but as the guy already said: both cameras are amazing!

Don Cardo says:

where is the low light?

Rances Columbiet says:

Huawei Mate 20 pro 😉

Jason Gr says:

iphone photos are so blue due to the snow. not great.

Glideslopes says:

Well done. 👍

demetre nadiradze says:

Which is harder to make a natural shot look "pleasing" lr to make a "pleasing" shot look natural?

Aperina Studios says:

You are right. We live in good times. I do prefer camera A as I prefer details vs over exposure.

Franklin Hatch says:

iPhone is better than Lagdroid

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