Camera Comparison: iPhone 11 VS iPhone 11 Pro!

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The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro (as well as the iPhone 11 Pro Max) have a lot in common with their cameras, but there are distinct differences. We break down all the differentiators as well as show off some sample photography.

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Roffa 5311 says:

When you unboxed the iPhone did the camera had a plastic wrap over the camera?

TheDrearyveil says: "2x optical zoom out; digital zoom up to 5x" – This suggest that the regular iPhone 11 has a telephoto lens. Optical. Is there an error on the Apple spec page?

MicroMigz says:

So what is telephoto? I’m planning on getting 11 or pro and I just can’t decide about the price and the camera because I like to take allot of photos?

Riman Chowdhury says:

I can’t be the only one who wants the 11 pro because of the frosty feeling

Samsquamch MLIB says:

You mouth noises are disturbing.

Saikat Basu Choudhury says:

Does iPhone 11 takes zoomed portrait s like 11 pro?????

Epic! Forest Destine says:

Should do just a camera test on 11& pro. Zooming video and pictures. Also do a sound comparison through music and through the mic. Maybe also include the flash for videos and pictures. Thanks.

Strikebang Zekrom says:

Camera > 😮 <

People infront of the camera
Lmfao the camera looks ridicules

Natha TV says:

iPhone XS vs iPhone 11 ??

TheKing0fHalo says:

I bought the iPhone 11. I have my canon 70D for serious zooming anyway.

monsuar lous says:

I woulndt buy this type of technology this shit is bad for humans …look the side effects .help me spread the word .

Punit G says:

Hey.. Thank you for the short n crisp video. Just one qs though, does telephoto lenses only effects zoom? Or telephoto lenses also get better potraits than 11?

I note u said same potraits on both the phones but I wanted clarity on this. Thanks in advance.

Mr. Charming says:

IPhone 2021 IPhone chip for the brain.

muhammed says:

So the iPhone11 has Portrait mood?
I mean even I take a coffee picture not just a dog face or people faces

カダージュKadaj says:

Is night mode the same on both models?

MasterLundqvist says:

Great video!

i just want to say that if you want a clean and clear iphone case cheap? check out this

Vladdy Daddy says:

Finally a video to compare the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro… I wasn’t sure if I should get the pro for the telephoto lens or not.

Travis Arnold says:

If you’re using digital zoom at all you don’t care about your photos anyways. Just get an iPhone 5

Melvin Lourdes says:

The main usage of telephoto lens is it gets switched when you are in protrait mode so you can get perfect zoom bokeh like dslr in iphone 11 you get a artifical blur than natural lens blur

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