Camera Comparison: Huawei P30 Pro vs OPPO Reno 10x Zoom

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It could be complicated to show you the whole image of their rear cameras. Here we just want to tell you what we especially concern about such similar camera phones.
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Andre says:

can you test p 30 ? all that like night video , photos … vs Mi9 or p30 Pro or even Reno ?

Salvatore CALAMERA says:

Could you make comparison of camera videos records with zoom ?

Kid Oman says:

P30 pros video is really fcked up!!

Viwa Food Chidren's Version says:

Which is the better
Oppo Reno 10x – Comment
Huawei P30 pro – Like

Anh Nguyễn says:

I really love Oppo Reno

venkata ramana says:

Is it having stabilisation in the selfie 🤳 camera EIS or OIS please reply

ilker erol says:

Because of this comparison video I subscribed immediately

Abisesh Saha says:

Abisesh Saha

is it true thst there is no optical zoom and wide angle in video

7th Second says:

Apple and Samsung left the chat

Red Wolf says:

Reno is cheaper than p30 pro, so better

Rahu_ 0493 says:

Battle of beasts

Strong Hands says:

the p30 is winner in total darkness, but the reno takes the win in other situations. literary every situation. The shots are brighter without using night mode. and while using night mode the p30 pro is a lot slower and requires a very steady hand.

People should also note that huawei lies about the phone slowmotion ability. It cannot do 960fps. It does 240 or 480 fps for a second, then uses AI to make it more slower. This can be found on slowmo comparisions between the samsung phones and the p30 pro.

Mohmmed Al_Agha says:

HUAWEI P30 Pro 💪😉

First Name says:

Watch out. Oppo Reno have fake specs. They said its 10x zoom, in reality is not! Watch out !!!!

Salvatore CALAMERA says:

Reno is really better than P30.

Walter Goldberg says:

You rip chinese video haha

Lelouch V Britannia says:

Huawei is better

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