Camera Comparison: Google Pixel vs Galaxy S7 vs Budget DSLR!

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Do you still need a Budget DSLR? I compare the Google Pixel XL vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. Nikon D3200.
Full res samples:
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Nikon D3200:
Sigma 18-35:
Google Pixel:
Galaxy S7:
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Theobose says:

pixel was the best

Daniel Constantin says:

Pixel, of course!

Randula Pathum says:

doing good keep it up bro!!!!

Ashik Khalid says:

focus d3200 👌

Odin says:

fakes this photos were taken on other fake channel…

hio land says:

i can capture better image with kit lens with this dslr

Satya ZX10R says:

overall s7 best

vassie66 says:

Pixel is the best.

Dewayne Martin says:

The Camera D3200 was no Comparison to pixel

M Zaid says:

Good video very informative, I like your comparison I am subscribing now thank.

Sam TV says:

DSLR beated by phones the pixel was better on shooting that flower and s7 winner overall

Nicolas Ledoux says:

Flawed comparison by the lack of moving subjects… HDR+ is impressive on still subjects, not so much with living things.

Kakinator says:

m8 pixel rekt, what are you on?

Parth Singh says:

Your camera has f/1.8 aprature samsang galaxy s7 has f/1.7 Aprature camera it means s7 will take better photos in dark

Michael Wilson says:

Love my pixel XL 128 gig Oreo!! The Best!

GarrettSelfVlogs says:

Dslr's Dont Have A Face Recognition Focus So On Smartphones When It Sees A Face It Will Focus On The Face

Tomas Av. says:

funny how kid made more professional comparison than idiots on bigger channels

Tomas Av. says:

Cheapest possible camera will ALWAYS beat most expensive phone. it's just physics.

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