Camera Comparison: Galaxy S8 vs Pixel vs DSLR!

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Last year the Google Pixel had the best camera on any smartphone. With the Samsung Galaxy S8 being available, can it beat it and how do they compare to a “prosumer” DSLR the Canon 7d?
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Walid Zitouni says:

bro you a critic a dslr and try to compare it to phones ?! are u fucking serious

Syd Bailey says:

Buys dslr to shoot in auto mode 😀

raceface_m says:

A manual mode would probably be a good whole video too because there is control between the three.

Parrot Brand says:

It boils down to what purpose you want your photos for. Phones have great software to compensate for various shortcomings of their tiny lens and sensors. For casual snaps, phones often do better for pictures you sent to your friends via whatsapp or post on instagram. Many people do not know how to use a dslr or harness its full potential and a dlsr generally does not apply that much software enhancement or compensation to your shots.

Rick M says:

I go with Pixel

وليد ابو احمد says:

الي عربي يدوس لايك😜

Marty Alencar says:

I use an smartphone for learning photogrammetry. But in the future, damn it I must buy a dslr because dslr is good at preserve small detail.

taunjinikia haynes says:

watching with a iphone sips tea

vishnu suku says:

s8 is winner

Javier Pineda says:


KsanderKaz says:

Pixel is very good!

[TWG]TheWarriorGamer says:

In my opinion in this photo s8 win.
But of course canon is totally better used in manual mode.

Pepe Dombo says:

Looks like canon has exposure compensation set to -1 or -2, though he assumes it was set to auto mode. But as far as i know dslrs don't underexpose everything in auto.

Sheikh Zayed says:

Hi Bro, If you compare S8+ with One Plus 6 – which one's camera is best???

Vivek Advani says:

Pixel is pixel

Mikael S-P says:

The purpose of a dslr and a phone camera is not the same.

Mohammad Abdullah says:

watching on my s8

Aamir Awan says:

I like colorful and vibrant images so s8 for me

Samir Jhingran says:

I'm highly satisfied with my s8+ camera, it's one of the best camera phones I've used so far.

Arekusu says:

BAD comparison

Mrck Lis says:

5:17 "The DSLR isn't good at all"

More like the person in this video is not good at all.

Mrck Lis says:

Why r u using auto on a dslr? Stick to ur phone if you don't even know what a dslr is even for.

Smartphone cameras have an edge in computational photography, and DSLRs well, aren't optimized for such. Same reason why many, maybe including you, bought a DSLR in the first place: more control over your image. DSLRs weren't called "Point-and-Shoot"(s) for a reason, no matter how cheap some of them may be.

Mahyar Kahkesh says:

Almost worst comparison ever ! Also 7d is from about 10 years ago !
Even that , no, even 1000d can win the hand in the right hand !
Who use dslr in auto mode?! And also, one of the worst lenses fo sharpness test , its just a superzoom !

Manuel Lancharro says:

No comment , Is not posible comparisom.

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