Camera Comparison: 2020 iPhone SE vs. iPhone 8 and iPhone 11 Pro

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Apple last week launched its new 2020 iPhone SE, a low-cost $399 smartphone that features ‌iPhone‌ 8 components upgraded with the same A13 chip available in Apple’s flagship iPhones. We did a full hands-on video back on Friday, but we took the weekend to see how the ‌iPhone‌ SE’s camera measures up to the ‌iPhone‌ 8 and iPhone 11 Pro.

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MacRumors says:

NOTE: The iPhone 11 Pro does not have dual cameras on the front. Just gives you the ability to crop in and out for a wider view. My bad everyone!

Quoutub says:

3:55 The iPhone 8 and iPhone 10 nearly never use their HDR mode. You often get much better results when you turn HDR on. When Apple released the iPhone 10, it was really embarrassing how much they blew out the highlights when you didn't turn on HDR manually, competitors were far ahead. With HDR turned on, the iPhone 10 often delivered great results, though Apple made the iPhone 10 HDR mode worse when iOS 12 was released.

Jyoti Nayak says:

SE performs great for it’s price

Jake Marshall says:

While taking photos using iPhone 11, 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max you can choose the aspect ratio between 1:1, 4:3 or 16:9 (most desirable for me) in stock camera app. Can you do that on iPhone SE 2020 with stock app?

Francisco Tapia says:

This video should be a comparison between the 8, the SE and the 11 because they are in the sub $1000 market.

genX says:

Remember when the 8 came out and the camera was “the best”? Images in reviews were perfect. Now they are crap. Haha

visuellemontage says:

Is the difference really that huge at 03:55 on the window in the background?! The 8‘ camera overexposes it completely, it almost looks fake..

Phil B says:

We should always use BMW as pictures comparison 👌🏻

itsgary says:

FINALLY, someone who compared it to the iPhone 8!

HappyStrongHealthy says:

weird, my iphone 8 can shoot 4k 60fps…

mdzshots says:

Not worth upgrading from 8 to SE…

Clara Salaam says:


Jason Gr says:

wow the old google pixels are so much better than the iphone 8 in terms of photos

3G says:

I will keep my 8, maybe next year upgrade to the 12, great video thanks

DanTuber says:

video looked better in the 11 pro. smoother over the SE. The 8 is rubbish in all areas.

David Jacobs says:

The speakers on my new SE are louder than my 11 Pro Max!

MelvinDlaCruz says:

iphone 8 won't record 4k

hendrik bachmann says:

wallpaper on 11 pro pls

Jaime Blanco says:

SE mic sounds like it’s clipping.

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