Camera buying tips

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Here are some things to look for whether you’re buying a fixed lens, mirrorless or digital SLR camera.

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Riley James says:

Founder work dream sgbieg manner temperature relative precise decade teenager others.

Zubair Z Vlogs says:

I have a canon g7x which is perfect for blogging. People keeps asking me which camera I use for my Vlogs. I’m glad I did t buy a big camera which I can’t put in my pocket

Desu VR says:

Speaking of cameras, make eye contact with it. What is this, an interview?

Shi Womino says:

Love that "censorship stablization."

Redd Wolf says:

About to start photography school and info like this was very helpful.

Madalin Pana says:

Canon 200d the best

M Jamil Hoque says:

I watched this video twice to check and she used a word grammatically incorrectly.

She says that mirrorless camera's have 'optical and sensorship' stability making them better.

My concern is that she used the word censorship incorrectly. She needs to look the word up. The word sensor-ship does not exist either.

When thousands of people are watching your videos. It's important to be correct.

Chris Fau says:

What's a Camera? Oh you mean that thing that's built into my phone for the last 5 years that is always with me and takes decent enough pictures for my needs. The last digital standalone camera I bought was made by Kodak if that tells you how long it's been since I even touched a non phone camera!

Xenophene01 says:

I used to own a SLR but now I worry that phone cameras are becoming pretty awesome and I wonder if buying a camera is even worth it now. What do you guys think?

Evan G. says:

Camera buying guide: do your own research and find one that fits your style.

CLUTCH1st says:

Oh wow! the host looks very different from before. @[email protected] Very helpful vid guys.

Finley says:

Just get any DSLR that over $700 and you should be good

Norest says:

> once you outgrow focal length
mfw there are pro photographers who use 35 or 50mm their entire career

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