Camcorder VS. DSLR for Video, YouTube and Vlogging?

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Pros and cons of using a DSLR VS. a Camcorder of Video and YouTube! ***** Download the FREE Think Media TV Video Gear Buyer’s guide here:

Budget Camcorder — Canon VIXIA HF R800 A KIT

Wide Angle Conversion Lens for Canon VIXIA HF R800 (43mm)

Budget DSLR for YouTube and Video with a Flip Screen — Canon EOS Rebel T6i

Budget DSLR without a Flip Screen — Canon EOS Rebel SL1 Digital

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About this video:
In this video Sean Cannell from THiNK media TV compares dslr cameras versus digital cameras. The camcorder vs. dslr video quality conversation has a lot of opinions and many people ask should i get a dslr or camcorder? It can be hard to decide between dslr camera vs. mirrorless cameras when you consider the low light, video quality and usefulness for vlogging. If you want to compare cameras, check out this dslr camera vs normal camera video!


Think Media says:

⚡QOTD: Which style of camera do you prefer and use the most? Let me know! 👇👇👇 Who else wants to shoot better videos? Watch my FREE Pro Video Made Simple series here ➡️

Chandana Abeygunasekara says:

Oh woow I got lot of things

OfficialJB12 says:

neither my camcorder nor my dslr have an audio jack. i use my dslr for vlogging and the audio on it is really good. my camcorder is for my desk videos which i just use another mic

World Wide Music says:

so basically, if i am not playing with the focus, there is no reason to buy dslr for video filming

Marc Ritz says:

For being a video this long, it has GAPING holes

– first off, you seem out of touch with reality when you are comparing a refurbished $400 dslr that is so basic you don't even recommend it to a vixia that can be bought used for less than $200. Especially when you consider that the $200 price difference can be put into a tripod, high quality microphone, lighting. That's how you compare price at that point. It's also extremely disingenuous to not factor in the need to buy more lenses with a dslr. I'd like to see how enthusiastic you are about them if you are restricted to only using the stock lens.

– portability and ease of filming. A camcorder has a wrist-strap. Are you going to vlog selfie-style with a dslr? How will you hold the camera? How will operate it? How will you see you own image? You can't. Even just walking and shooting means two-handed operation with dslr while a camcorder delivers more stability with single-hand use. Once you factor in workarounds for these problems with a dslr, you end up bringing lots of expensive extra luggage. A camcorder fits into a pocket. Does your dslr fit in a pocket? No, you need a bag.

– 57x zoom on the vixia models. Most camcorders have similar capacity to zoom. How can you get that sort of flexibility with a dslr?

VIDEO&MUSICEditor says:

if im using both canon xa10 and a canon 80d for 2 video shoot for an event, would i need to match the color correction on the adobe premiere pro?

Paul David Spradley says:

This was really helpful. I'm going to be in both spaces…both recording lectures as well as moving into vlogging/podcasts. So, I'm still unsure what is best since I want good audio (external mic) and I want good video quality for a decent price. I'm leaning towards the Canon Vixio because of some of the add on's, but can be convinced otherwise. Looking forward to your thoughts.

Brandon's Channel says:

…this style of tech vid is my favorite. Always love these…

Morgan says:

No samples?

Manan Sharma says:

You r the best guy on youtube
1) Genuine
2) Totally amazing content( No bullshit running around)
3) Cover around 80% of current topics

I wish u get millions of subscriber

Rockfish Que says:

I didn't hear about the dlsr having blu tooth or wifi connections to your cell. I know camcorders don't as of yet, right?

Single To Taken TV says:

Iv been using a camcorder its a panasonic x920 however when vlogging in public I really have to stretch my arm out to get a close up of me. Two weeks I picked up a Canon eos M3. Still have to stretch my arm out even on the gorilla pod. Any ways around this?

Raging Newf says:

Any 4K camcorders that do 2.4k 60fps?

YCQ says:

if you never want to be craticized, don’t do anything new.

Katherine aka KGbeautywithin Gage says:

Chadi Audi I have a Sony A5000 and I hate I bought it. It overheats so fast and you can get about 27 minutes of recording before it overheats. I went to get a Canon G7 but they were out of stock so I let the Electronic Technician talk me into the Sony A5000. Now it takes excellent photos but I need to record longer videos at times due to doing makeup tutorials. I’m so disappointed 😔, so I’m leaning towards a camcorder but I want good quality and I’m not wanting to spend more money on another camera. I also have an older Canon SX20 which is the first Canon & it takes great video but it’s not WiFi compatible and getting it transferred from laptop to my phone for IMovie editing can be a hassle, I got success using the VLC technique of transferring but it’s time consuming. The Sony A5000 has an app that transfer quickly from camera to phone which is one of the pros for me. Great video & very informative as always

Zoe Peck says:

my DSLR camera only records for 1 minute and 28 seconds, is there a way to change that?

montra heath says:

is the camcorder good for recording a scene

Lurch Production says:

DSLR for photos, Camcorder for video

Daniel Dougan says:

I think a small-sensor camcorder makes the most sense for vlogging due to the deep depth of field. It reduces focus hunting, which is key if you're filming yourself. I'm not a vlogger or a camcorder owner, but I think I have a good idea of the tradeoffs.

Instead, I love shooting other kinds of video on my Panasonic G85. It's great for filmmaking because you can blur out the background.

Sudarshan S Kulkarni says:

Great review. Thank you so much…

Citizen Gar says:

6:35 "Phenomitable"

Indrojit Barua says:

hi there, i watch your YTVs which are really really super unbiasedly informative !! I am planning to make some blogging video mostly out on a sunny day. Should i go a Camcorder ( like Sony FDR-AX700 which has a 1-inch sensor ) or a mirrorless camera ( like Sony A6400 which can shoot for more than 29 mins )? Which one will produce stunning video footage? Please note that i am not trying to become a professional videographer but i want to make some blogging video with stunning image quality! Your kind advice will greatly be appreciated . Thanks heaps

Pakistan Village life says:

Nice information 😍

JeeyMark says:

I wish I have camera for vlogging😢

Games Are Life says:

I have a canon vixia hf r800 and a canon 4000d which is better

Ben says:

Why do camcorders skimp on the quality of the video? What other reason could there BE for buying a video camera? The whole point is to record quality footage? I love everything else about it, I do not like the current obsession with blurry background at all but bokeh is kinda cool sometimes for night photos. Any budget camcorders that produce decent footage? I mostly want to film my garden and have it look nice, good colors and clarity.

I've been watching videos about how to use a DSLR and understand the basics of getting everything in focus and it's pretty cool to be able to take nice photos too. Provides the option for making a cool photo time lapse or hyperlapse and the option to get a sweet macro lens someday. That one Laowa looks sweet because I could show the garden as a whole and bring it on down to the micro wilderness in the garden without changing lenses. But $1500 for a lens is a bummer.

My beautiful and amazing Princess says:

You can easily blur background with software editing

Cepillin TV says:

And for music videos what do you recommend?

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