C200 vs EVA-1 vs URSA Mini Pro vs FS5 | Compact Cinema Camera Shootout

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Four of the most talked about compact cinema cameras on the market are paired head to head in both image quality and usability.

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SUMMARY: 30:19

Link to our FS7 mk2 vs C300 mk2 vs URSA Mini Pro video:


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Adam Barefoot says:

didnt think id like the eva1 but it was my favorite in this video!

Luxia Productions says:

The fs5's base iso is "3200" in Slog-2 and Slog-3, but when you overexpose it 2 stops (what sony recommends) it's more like 800 iso.

Chris Fatseas says:

How can you not know if your monitor is calibrated or not? If you haven't calibrated it, it's not calibrated lol

Utyoubyouzer says:

Thanks for the review. Toward the end you mentioned if run and gun scenario, FS5 and EVA1 but earlier you mentioned that C200 is the best for the auto-focus and monitor and picture not falling apart in low light / high iso which are all part of the run and gun scenario. Can you please clarify? Thanks.

Devin Konopa says:

Okay question. In post and I guess in settings did you edit each individually to try and make the footage look it's best with individualized settings or did you use the same settings on each camera to get your comparison clips.

I'm noticing that across the board the Eva 1 seems to be coming out warmer in comparison. I'm wondering if that's because you used the same settings across and the Eva just shoots warmer or if its warm because of your actions and if that would be an easy thing to get to match the tones of the other clips. I'm just driving into this and know nothing yet so I really appreciate you taking the time to make such an informative video.

Kacper Skowron says:

That was amazing… so helpful. I'm prepping for a short film and watching this was what I needed… Thank you. k

Ronnel Cuison says:

you look like van gogh. Nice review. 🙂

Inverse^2 says:

If you dont know if you have a color calibrated monitor, that means you do not. LOL

Mohsen McQueen says:

hey man, thank you very much for such a great and well organized comparison, i'm a total beginner in the field and i want to know if the need to touch a button on eva1 when focusing makes filming hard for someone like me or not? i'm also a big fan of canon cameras but c200 is really expensive specially in Iran with the current economic situation…

Le Ba Vu says:

Great in depth comparison! Tysm! Subscribed!

Lazy Video Guy says:

Real nice video man, seriously difficult topic to broach with all the optional upgrades, and varying factors to consider – The only thing that I think may have been beneficial to viewers is knowing the codecs you were shooting per-camera as they all have varying levels of in-camera processing. Especially in the case of the c200, where low light, sharpness, skin rendition, etc are heavily influecned by the bit depth & compresssion.
I found my FS5 turned into a whole new beast once I grabbed a RAW license & Shogun Inferno, but now it weighs an absolute ton in that configuration, I'd be intruiged to know whether you were shooting rawlight or 8-bit h265 on the c200, as the image seemed quite underwhelming. Thanks again guys!

VariTimo says:

Honestly I’d just go for a GH5S with a Heliopan Vario ND.

Scribblebytes says:

Am I James Charles if I say I think he's knowledgeable and easy on the eye? 😂 😂 😂

WL Media says:

"Holding the camera is more important than image quality" By NO MEANS your conclusion is what actual CINEMATOGRAPHERS look for.

It seems your review is directed to do vlogging, shoot weddings or that kind of work that is NOT actual cinematography intended for commercial distributing…… CINE cameras are NOT designed to "hold in your hands" …… Your review is misleading…. Of all the four cameras, the only one that has been actually [mainly] used to shoot work for commercial distrubuting on a movie theater screen is the Blackmagic Ursa Mini…..

Nomadic Native says:

At 13:42, why did the EVA lose all detail in the top she’s wearing as compared to the other cameras? This is a useable image? I don’t think so. It appears that the blacks are WAY to heavily crushed & massive detail is lost. Again at 14:48, look at her top, all detail lost as compared to the other cameras. Check the image compare at 15:05, EVA crushed blacks, lost details.

Tiago Liko says:

fs5 shoots 8-bit internally so using slog-3 doesn't make much sense, maybe it affected the results? regardless, sony color science isn't really impressing me anymore either..

DmitRU2007 says:

16:50 You can't rent the same E-Mount(G Master) lenses fo Sony for a real AF test?

Begin Transformation says:

Sony is as soft as shit. Don't kid yourself

Constantine Lycouris says:

how is no one talking about how minimal the autofocus is on all of these cameras?? am i missing something?

Constantine Lycouris says:

i was soooo SOLD on the Eva until i saw that autofocus… would make Gimbal work and wildlife quite difficult

Jesse says:

Wow, was it just me but the URSA looked the best in all of the categories?? It did seem like you favored the EVA a little bit, but not a big deal since I can look at the footage myself.

John Evans says:

A "mute" point?

Rhett H-S says:

I am new to this. I just tried to do price comparisons, this is what i found online for Australia. C200 $10,923. EVA-1 $9,369. URSA $5309. FS5 $5999. Am i wrong, or are there big differences in price between them? If so, does this reflect quality, branding, or?

Casa Tequila SF says:

How can you even talk about grading without a COLOR CORRECTED MONITOR!

Yichuan Shao says:

This is the most detailed comparison video I've ever seen. Great work! Thank you so much

Michael Frymus says:

What about the fs7ii ?? How does that compare?
I've been thinking about this camera

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