Blink XT2 Weatherproof Outdoor Home Security Camera Review

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Check out the all new Blink XT2 Security Camera in this video! This is a Blink XT2 Security Camera Review as it has been just released May 23, 2019. Blink XT2 now has two-way audio so that you can talk through your camera. The Blink XT2 Security Camera has a 2 year battery life expectancy as well as 7,200 seconds of recording time on its free cloud storage. Check out the video to see the quality of the video and audio as well as the two-way audio.

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Little Precious says:

Is it able to save some days worth of footage? In case I need to go back and review something.

Jon Fortier says:

so can I run this camera from a usb cable outside without battery ? if the answer is YES is that going to be weather proof ? ?

ExposedRoot says:

I’m here because the price is awesome for prime day. $99 for the two camera kit and 69 for the one camera kit. My understanding is there was also a software update for this sound.

Billy Mack says:

Great review! On the talk back audio does the sound come out of all cameras or can you chose wich camera to talk out of ? Thanks

Paul Day says:

How can you get better video stream from app that has better frames per second??

The Man says:

Nice. Does it have connectivity problems if the camera is ie;, 10 feet from the router? Although newer routers have 300+ foot range etc. Also, does it have neighborhood alerts where you and others can share suspicious videos with community? Your thoughts and anything else you can add? Thanks!

SoWhoa says:

Video start at 6:23 and end at 7:01, everything before that was him reading off the box then ends with him asking for thumbs and subscription.

Nigel Harrison says:

Zone feature is in the Blink XT1 too

John Wynn says:

video quality is horrible! Are you kidding me???))))

Scottie Scottie says:

You did not show how to set up the module or camera. And my god man, you talk way too fast, I can not understand what you are saying, you are speaking so fast. SLOW YOUR SPEECH DOWN PLEASE !!!

JM P says:

Hi there, how about the battery life??

Cal B. says:

Can you please update the review for the new firmware, that is supposed to fix the sound issue?

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