Blink XT2 Security Camera Review and Blink System Long Term Review

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Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Blink recently updated their low-cost subscription free cameras to include a new outdoor option that offers two way audio communication. This review will also cover the Blink System and how it’s been working for me over the last two years. See more home security – and subscribe!

01:48 – Hardware Overview
01:51 – Original Camera
02:02 – Outdoor Camera
02:40 – Battery Life
03:43 – Sync Module
04:57 – Mounting Bracket
05:34 – App Overview
05:36 – Amazon ownership of Blink
05:56 – Viewing Sync Modules
06:18 – Taking Photographs
06:37 – Live View
07:07 – Recording
07:27 – Talking Though the Camera
07:53 – Camera Speaker Audio Quality
08:16 – Motion Detection
09:15 – Camera Settings
09:24 – Thermometer
09:53 – Activity Zones
10:32 – Retrigger Time
11:00 – Clip Length
11:41 – IR Illuminator
12:30 – Audio Control
12:36 – Recording audio test
12:44 – Video Quality
13:09 – Signal Strength
13:36 – Switching Modules
13:48 – Arming Cameras
14:41 – Reviewing Recorded Footage
15:13 – Saving Clips
16:30 – Amazon Integration
17:38 – IFTTT
19:03 – Conclusion

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Baron Of Hell says:

You SOB, you have a mini ROB behind you and a gold zelda game. Man I wish I hadn't sold my gold zelda. Oh I mean SOB lovingly as in you lucky SOB.

Chris Pistocco says:

I have 3 Arlo camera's as part of my surveillance system. They are a little pricey, but also do a fine job.

DespicableBastard says:

Great video! I just ordered a 3x Blink system. I have a Ring video doorbell. With it being part of the Amazon family, is there any integration possible?

Helms Alee says:

I tend to believe that if you aren’t paying for cloud storage, your data is.

mantiscity says:

Does the outdoor camera, work just as good on the inside? Also I saw a micro USB port when you removed the cover. What is that for?

mobgma says:

would love to see more POE high MP 4K camera systems. night vision and sound.

mboiko says:

For the money, it's hard to beat. Paid $99 (Prime day sale) for a (2) camera Blink XT2 set and it works surprisingly well.

Nancy M Weasel says:

I have had 5 blinks for about 2 years now. 1 is the outdoor model. The ones facing street go through a lot of batteries, like you every 3-6 months. My indoor blinks are super crystal clear even in the dark. The black outdoor blink is not very good in the dark. But that is okay. I will keep using them as it is a great weapon for the roving low-life around our neighborhood.

iblackfeathers says:

thumbnail says "system update" but the video is more of a review of the current unit.

David & Kai says:

Thank you so much for that information can you tell me how to set it up with my Philips Hue lights so if it activates the motion sensor the light will come on

john Corbin says:

Just wish the cloud lasted longer and the battery lasted more than 4 months of heavy use. Hopefully it gets better.

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