Blink XT2 Security Camera – NO FEES | Review & Test 2019

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BLINK XT Review:
Nest Review:

Blink XT2 home security camera has been a great success for amazon. At only $100 per 1080p camera without any fees we needed to check it out. The new 2019 version has 2 way talk, 1080p camera, battery powered and a bunch of other features.

In this video I test and review this brand new home security camera from amazon – So check it out in this video…



Wanda Scott says:

Great vid – i"m getting some of these

Forgotten_sKiLL says:

My kind of camera! Great review as always.

Elizabeth Mizglewski says:

Exactly what we're looking for!

Kaido Ojamaa says:

This is a good helpful insightful video on the Blinks XT2 Home Security video surveillance system.

The Blinks XT2 seems to be a good basic home security/ survailance system.

However I think further improvements are needed on the Blinks XT2 system.

Improvements like an optional white in color hardware version, wider view , better quality longer distance video ability, an internal SD Video memory card ability in addition to the Cloud storage as well as an Alarm Siren feature.

Overall the Blink XT2 Security camera system sounds/ looks like a good decent afordable reliable Home video security camera surveillance system that can still be improved.

RViscara says:

Lol Wyze has all the same quality and features and free service for a mere 20 bucks per camera. Perhaps they are a 100 per camera to make up the money blink has to pay out to youtubers to endorse their products

KERUI Official says:

Hello, I am the official of KERUI security technology, we are very interested in your video, could you talk about it?

Sam Sen says:

Another one hundred percent vote for Wyze. No other camera under $150 comes even close to that $20 mojo. Period.

DIY Dad says:

I really like my blink XT’s. I set them up about 9 months ago and the batteries are still going strong. You are right about the flimsy mount I had to rig it up custom on a small block of wood behind it that it screwed into and that really helped. I did notice however that the motion alerts are hit or miss. Someone comes to the door to deliver something and sets a package on the exact same place every time, I’d say it catches them and alerts me 1 out of 5 times. Changing sensitivity doesn’t seem to do anything. Otherwise I really like them. The app is decent too.

George Eberhardt says:

Great review, and nice equipment, but I think I would like cameras that NEVER need a battery change. ie wired to my AC or use a solar cell; Any suggestions?

Louis Y says:

Meh. No thrill cam is dominated by Wyze cam period. Price of one blink. U can get 4 Wyze cam.

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