Blink XT 2 Camera Review – Unboxing, Setup, Features, Comparison, Footage

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*** May 30, 2019 – Blink has updated the audio on their new Blink XT 2 and is now way louder and comparable to the older model. – ***

Today we are going to check out the newest camera from Blink. The Blink XT2. This is the newest version of the Blink XT and we will do the unboxing, setup, and we will be comparing it to the original Blink XT. as to video and audio quality.

My original Blink XT will be working a total number of 2 years next week so I’ll be doing a quick long term review.

Blink XT Review –
Blink XT 6 months review –
Blink XT 1 year review –
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Blink XT2 at Amazon –
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Josué Torres says:

Hi can you please tell me which solar panel are you using for the blink XT 1???

Uzuriuk says:

New Subbie here; Blink is being pushed heavily in the UK now so I caved in and thought I would find out. I like to comparisons you have done on the original XT and now the XT2, watched them both. Yeah that microphone sucks on the XT2. Your review is straight to the point and very informative. Thank you. Keep em coming.

mcc78405 says:

You ever think of doing a comparison with different LPR cameras?

Brooks Lattimer says:

So which camera do you recommend if price is not a factor and wireless is only concern?

Matthew Bolstad says:

Excellent review! Very thorough.

Great Wife says:

New subbie here…. amazing and informative reviews. Just bought my xt2 yesterday. Audio is verrrrry important for the purpose I'm using it….so I'm very concerned if my box has the mic update you mentioned in another comment. If not how to I obtain this update… or will I have to return it???

Joe Giz says:

For the price point its not bad. Nest is more expensive and blows Blink out of the water!

Clint Mooney says:

I just got mine about a week ago and I love it! Unfortunately I had it pointed at my workshop the night my car got broken into! I have ordered three more and am planning on trning my house into Fort Knox with these things.

3carra says:

Did you say the Blink is going out of business? Sorry I was a little confused at the beginning..

Jim Martin says:

Good job on the review!

LonnDawg says:

that was.. A very good and in-depth review of the product.. Especially comparing it to the older version,.. You put a lot of effort into giving us a good idea of how this product performs… Showing us things in the software, and things you noticed when using the software… Those things are never in the instructions. Like the amount of time for the notification… Which is affected by the length of your video recording… That was an excellent observation to pass on to us. Good video demonstration, both day and night, and the footage markers which can be in important.

Orlando O says:

Thank you for the well done video!

david_runyon says:

I had the 5 camera kit pre-ordered for a few weeks and then after seeing reviews roll in on Amazon I cancelled it. After watching this video I decided i'll give it a shot since the current kit i have is quite outdated and wired. Thanks!

My 2bar says:

Hi mate, please can you compare again, just been told they have firmware patched the XT2 today, so hopefully the audio is better?

Captinprivate says:

Hey Hackster or fellow Hacksters, do any of you know where I can find straps that tighten up around a gutter or pole that will hold up cameras?

TheBranston111 says:

Please could you do a ring stick up cam vs ring floodlight cam comparison test?

rsyak says:

I am looking for some outdoor security cameras, but I could not decide. Ring, Arlo Pro 2, Blink and Nest, which one would you say is the most reliable and worth the money?

KWC says:

Seems the regular XT has better sound then the new model

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