Blink (Indoor) v Blink XT (Indoor/Outdoor) Camera Review

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In this review we look at the Blink and the Blink XT home security cameras. The Blink Indoor and the Blink Outdoor cameras do have some amazing qualities, but occasionally fail to impress in their most basic functions.

The original indoor blink camera sports a 720p camera which is rather underwhelming, but the XT has 1080p with night vision.

In terms of smart platform integration, the Blink works with Amazon Alexa. (The company was also recently acquired by Amazon)

The Blink and Blink XT’s real comparative advantages lie in the purported two year battery life for its wireless cameras.

The Blink and Blink XT both have this distinctively annoying feature requiring the user to press “continue” on a livestream every 30 secs in order to maintain a video.

The battery life on the Blink indoor does last the two years, while depending on use it appears that the Blink XT will have to be changed before the two years that Blink claims.

The Blink and Blink XT ace most of elements found in the Security Baron Necessary Features Test.

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Noli Talavera says:

What is local storage means

fifo henry says:

don't buy this camera. works well indoors not so great outdoors.

Pablo says:

how the hell you expect to watch a stream "all day" on a pair of AA batts? There's a reason you have to click in to continue to watch….

Ahmad Shishani says:

nice how far can you have the sync box away from the camera

Vanetta Knight says:

Very good!  Can you view video through regular internet, not mobile?

cheff Solo says:

What the best camera to set up far away with no wifi or electric? Great video , and info . Just want your opinion.

Black Hole Rainbow says:

This is an outstanding video. Very informative and intuitive.

🌟 MORNING STAR⭐️ says:

Great camera if you want to watch the bad squirrels destroy your flower bed but if someone breaks into your home you’ll get about 5 seconds of video lol

Schweí Übersteigen says:

Thanks for this! But, I got questions!!..
Soo, Video is only really on when it detects motion!? And I can't get the app on a computer screen or Smart Tv, right? Therefore, I can't just sit in the living-room & watch the outside of my house all day like a fucking psychopath!?
..And what exactly does the Alexa integration even do then? Just notifies me every damn time a lief blows by!? …Perhaps this is not the system for me..

Peter Moran says:

Hi Baron

What system would you recommend?

Ricardo Ponton Cruz says:

Can I see or monitor the cameras outside my house without Wifi? bone with the data of my cel.

SoulFU2 says:

Do we get a notification from the app when the batteries are low?

415sf49 says:

I own both cameras. There are great, the only thing is the claim that the battery's life is 2 year battery, they don't! Other than that, great video security camera. Also, BLINK honors their warranty without a hassle. One more comment, you can arm and disarm single cameras. I have 9 cameras on perimeter zone and 10 on interior zone.

TheOnlyGHOST1015 says:

I heard on the X in night vision if you get too close your face gets white and hard to tell who you are

Frank Linares says:

Great video !!!

Yas Raw says:

Great information, grate camera . I purchased a set of them first time when it came in to the market I would like to add some thing that I experienced from using blink which that the sync Module has Weak signal to bridge between the camera and the WiFi specially if the camera located in a blind spot . I am not sure if anyone have had that issue. Beside the points he mentioned in his presentation . But overall they are good cameras easy to set and you can relocate them anywhere at anytime ,

Tony's DIY Vehicle Flips & Rebuilds Tennessee says:

Shat is the best wireless cameras for outdoor use with cloud recording

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