Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro vs Pocket 4K – On The Field Comparison ! [4K]

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Just wanted to share with you a field test I did comparing the Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro with the new Pocket 4K (BMPCC 4K) . As a long time Ursa Mini Pro owner I was very eager to see how both cameras stack up. If you have a different opinion and a different experience with the two cameras, share in the comments.

Here is the download link with stills from both cameras :

I wanted to compare both cameras without any ND Filters so this is why the shutter speed is quite high. Also, I didn’t have time to compare the motion aspects (jello, etc..) , I’d be very pleased to hear your feedback if you’ve managed to compare that yourself.

Let me know what you think and enjoy !

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kiaser Sozez says:

Good to see a good review and more importantly he saved all his money on the cameras and not waste it on hair cuts and still wears hand me down tops from his older sailor brother !!!
Great Vida though .. well done

Jialei Jia says:

I just found a hidden treasure in YouTube! Your channel is going blow up!

ultimicio says:

What lens are you using

Akanksha Tomar says:

Which lens have you used for bmpcc?

fedor3000 says:

URSA has incamera content aware fill ?! 02:05

Mc Arthur Cayatoc says:

New video pls! It's been a month of quarantine! Yet still no upload ☹️

Pradnil Dabholkar says:

Quality Video 🔥🙌

ronan ursenbach says:

it's my home 😀 Chantilly ! Bienvenue !

Tanner Lacoste says:

Quick question, how come you shoot the bmpcc 4k underneath the native ISO?

Aeves says:

Quality of your content is amazing.
You done a great job mate

Larry D Williams II says:

new update pocket 4k can shoot 4k DCI now not just uhd

Phil Pritchard says:

Great video review thanks. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the new G2 vs the newer Pocket 4k and 6k.

isarT says:

bmpc 4k better dynamic range
and low light
That's I love this one like my gh5

G G says:

Why aren't you verified yet? Where is the recognition you deserve?

Marc Evers says:

Pourquoi parlez vous anglais ? Expliquez moi votre démarche et pourquoi vous habillez vous ainsi ? Are you trying to play the French card ?

Rah R says:

Stop banging the fukkin cameras together

Astral'o Pithecus says:

Why are you using such a low shutter angle? It must be 180 degrees for any sort of narrative work or other videography that attempts to be visually cinematic.

Tilak Limbachia says:

Can you do a updated video with the new ursa mini pro g2?

Orange Betsy says:

excellent video. when you say "Ursa Mini" i keep hearing "Yosemite"

Jason Hathcock says:

I know this comparison is a little old now (with Mini Pro having a newer model out now), well not too much, but very well done. Thank you for the info and your observations! Very helpful.

Inc Builder says:

"I am very far from an expert"?? Dude, you're an expert! And a great one at that!

marsto craft says:

Dam I didn't know about the mini . Good job .
Thank you.

Robin Bouvier says:

Cantillien ?

Gaan Pagla says:

Your production quality is absolutely amazing !

GDR Riley says:

URSA can get a Cfast to 2.5in SSD adapter

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