BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K Review

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Shamsheed Sobha says:

Have used it for about 10 months… and I do confirm that it is a small beast. The update of braw changed the game. The only fix remaining is the issue of dealing with bright red lights.

Nadi Mian says:

making me feel sad 😣 and angry 😠 wtf cannon did with my credit card
definitely getting this one next time

Cosmic Simon says:

What speed boaster do you guys recommend for this camera?

Billy says:

Seriously, why haven't just acquire you guys is beyond me

Domen Učakar says:

"I really don't understand gow they packed so much into this little thing…"


Quantay Peoples says:

I have one. Best decision ever. I’m working on a Kanye West Film with it. Of course with a few red cameras…

David d says:

Make a video on rigging this puppy up. For its full potential. Also rig it up on a stablizer 😄

Arbel Biton says:

Waited 7 months for my pocket and it was worth every minute. The picture quality is like magic and the lowlight is even better than I expected even at 6400 iso. The footage is extremely stable when grading and almost impossible to break. Only disadvantages are power and media, but they can be solved with a samsung T5 and powerbase edge if you’re on budget. Happy filming

Stefan Walter says:

Wow that thing is really wet dreams stuff for beginner filmmakers like me 😍😍😂👍🏻 gotta check it out yo

Thabiso Christopher says:

One day, Film Riot. One day 😀 Rocking the BMPC 4K here.

VariTimo says:

It’s an absolutely amazing camera for the money and it’s just too bad that once you’ve used the camera for a while it feels like every good decision they’ve made was more luck than design skills. It’s just driving me utterly mad that a camera from the company that makes the color grading software doesn’t include a waveform monitor for exposure but instead shows a stupid histogram. I find a tiltable 4” screen would have been much more useful than a fix 5” one and why is there a selfie record button? I thought this is a cinema camera. The HFR button is also just completely misplaced. HFR should be something you assign to a custom button not have right over the punch in button so you accidentally change you frame rate and exposure mid recording. I know I’m picky about theses things but I just can’t stand idiotic design, that stands in my way, especially not on a camera I use on a film set with people I’m responsible for. Don’t get me wrong, if you only have 1.300 bucks and need camera, this one will make you very happy. It’s produces really nice images and DaVinci is so good that I have adopted it for my editing workflow as well. But if you want a “cinema camera” you better get the GH5s. It’s has all the cinema camera features like a waveform monitor and timecode and you even get a multi aspect sensor that lets you record 1.85:1 with a 1.89x crop and with true 2x anamorphic lenses in 4:3 without loosing sensor space. It’s also really sturdy, weather sealed, freeze, heat and dust prove, just a camera you can trust in not to break down on you, unlike the Pocket. For me the deciding factors was the image tho. The GH5s’ native ISOs actually look comparable, the Pocket shows quite a bit of color noise at ISO 3200. While GH5s is not much nosier at 2500 (and doesn’t even show much color noise to speak of beyond 5000) than it is on 400, even when shooting V-Log (and yes I shoot 400 and 2500 in V-Log). Yes you see a bit more noise on the GH5s in Log at low ISOs but that’s only noise in the very low shadow areas, you don’t see on the Pocket because V-Log is much flatter than BMs Log. And that noise always goes away in the grade. Trust me I’m very picky about noise because I need my image to be strong for intensive film emulation grades. I can manipulate the image of both cameras to look the way I want. The camera doesn’t impose a look onto the cinematographer, it’s just a data recording device. But the GH5s colors are more neutral out of the camera which makes that easier for me. And I like the colors the way they are so I don’t have to do much for a quick turn around. The Pocket just looks like they’ve wanted the colors to be like Kodak Vision3 250D and have given up two thirds on the way through because it was too hard to get the greens right. Btw the GH5s has gotten the greens right. Both are ridiculously good for their price but while the Pocket 4K is more like a weird Witches potion, mixes together from a dozen parts don’t don’t quit fit together and might fall apart at any given moment the GH5s is arguably the best camera you can get for under 10.000 bucks. It has almost the same bitrates as the Canon C300 mkII, while producing a cleaner image than the EVA-1, with pretty much the same look as the VariCam LT and native 4:3 anamorphic recording.

Skinner Sweet says:

Damn … Who is THAT , Josh guy ???(笑´・艸・)

Sascha Engel says:

BMPCC4K in comparison with GH5 with ZEISS Primes:

Mirek says:

Not able to get the camera, even more, after the review.. Production facility of BM needs to power up that machines. Just want it so bad. Ordered in February…

Dong Thai says:


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