Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k – 6 Month Real World Review

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I’ve now had the Pocket 4K camera for just over 6 months so thought it was about time to give my review on how I have personally used it on my filming projects around the world.

Dropbox –

To buy the camera & the gear used to make the video:
✅ Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K
– B&H
– Camera House

✅ Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-40mm f/2.8 PRO Lens
– B&H
– Camera House

✅ Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM Art Lens
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– Camera House

✅ Metabones T Speed Booster Ultra 0.71x Adapter
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– Ebay

✅ Angelbird 768GB Match Pack for the BMPCC4K
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Jaspreet Singh says:

I really hope you also gonna come up with Ursa mini 12k video.

Houseknives says:

What lens did you have on it

Bike Ninja says:

what other cameras are comparable to this? does it have a built in stabalizer? does it take "steady" handheld shots?

Carlos Suarez says:

Thanks buddy, this was really helpful .. I’m gonna download the footage and push it to see how far I can take it with color, luts, exposure and if I like the dynamic range I’m gonna grab one of these in the near future for sure. The battery is something people complain about but I mean so what. It’s a nice trade of. I’d rather have that screen size and those codecs any day over a camera that shoots 6 hrs of compressed avchd 24 mbps… I’m over that 2010 camcorder look I hate it.

Bob Ditty says:

That was great. Do a lot of NGO work here in Uganda. What's the low light capability of this camera? Nice channel! Subscribed.

Emersonbm says:

Which Zhiyun Crane would you recommend for the bmpcc4k?

Ovicom says:

You are awesome!!!

jessica Garcia says:

Can't decide the 4k or 6k or the Zcam super 35.
All look great…

jeremiah tauamiti says:

01:35 This shot – the colours just beautiful, inspiring work bro

Adin Walls says:

Hey man I’m a South African looking into the BMPCC4K I’m definitely going to download that footage. Is there a South African online community I can chat to?

Yngve Elde says:

Great video! Thank you for the in-depth, honest review and great tips. Wish you luck on future projects.

TaeeDaProducer The Arts says:

Do you export at higher setting then 4k Or Export at 4K Also ?

Klaus Haus says:

Sorry if you went over this but what lens and speed booster do you use

Brendan Fitness and Money says:

Really great review and perspective. You can tell its something you've used for a while to develop these thoughts.

D K says:

Why does this channel not have a lot subs? Channels that take forever to get the point and are not organized have tons. Good job mate. Keep making quality videos. You deserve over 200ks subs asap!

God Daniel says:

I'd love to use that beautiful asian woman as an actor with the BMP4K I just ordered. Help me out

Josue Bueno says:

INCREDIBLE footage! What lens did you use for the elephant shots? 18-35 mm 1.8 or the 12-40mm? You prob dont remember, hope you do! those are really great shots 😀

Rafiq Malik says:

Loved it. Watching may 2020. Incredible work. One thing this video was color edited using Resolve? or? my 2nd question is, These were the only lenses that yoou used for the given or shown shots? The one you linked right?? Thank you so much in advance

Meca Tv says:

Do you remember what lens you used for the horse walking shot? Great video! Keep it up!

Phil Pritchard says:

Great video. Thx. Footage is beautiful. (is the footage still downloadable? I tried ..would love to see it in real 4k)

tunmbi says:

How are you getting these slomo shots at 25 fps?

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