Black Shark 2 Review With Unboxing, Camera & Gaming Tests

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Black Shark 2 review & unboxing. A full in-depth review, the phone that’s 100 euros more than the Xiaomi Mi 9 but offers less. Are gaming phones a gimmick? Where to buy: EU versions are from 549 euros, but 6GB Chinese model is 489 here

Blackshark 2 in overclock performance mode is no faster than the Mi 9 or Vivo IQOO. In fact the performance figures are lower and when gaming I see more noticeable FPS dips on the Black Shark 2 see this:

01:29 – Unboxing & Design
05:28 – Screen
06:44 – ROM & Performance etc
09:51 – Ingame screen capture
10:14 – Benchmarks
12:02 – Gamer RGB bling
13:00 – Finger/face unlocking
13:37 – Audio with sample
14:41 – Shark Mode & gaming
18:03 – Battery life
18:53 – Camera samples
22:02 – Final words (Pros & Cons)

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Comments says:

Blackshark 2 in overclock performance mode It is no faster than the Mi 9 or Vivo IQOO. In fa,ct the performance figures are lower and when gaming I see more noticeable FPS dips on the Black Shark 2. Proof:

Markec smotanec says:

Do you now how I can Measure Max Brightness on my 6t one plus with app??? Because I feel like it is sooooo low and Its make me crazy….

alexducu says:

I just got my BS2 silver . 12gb mem and 256 storage… Joy Ui looks a lot like stock Android. No bloatware. Phone is great!!!

df3yt says:

How does the compare with the Mi 9 as a normal phone. I couldn't care for gaming. Just looking at a Xiaomi with a 4000mah battery as standby is important to me.

Lucas S. Carvalho says:

Algum BR? Querendo saber mais sobre o celular!

Zack Teoh says:

How about flash it into global version and test it out the differences ?

aira Cruz says:

Wow what a beast phone sd 855!! Holy shit!!

santa. jamu says:

I really liked your video a lot … much of distinct classification.! But it would be a dream for me to get this phone right now coz im a student…and my parents won't pay for it 😥😢😭

hut hut says:

I want that😂😂

Mie says:

dissapoint with mic quality on camcorder

Digyant says:

Thx for ur indepth review, i was looking for such kinda content & finally got a channel which does it. Keep the gud work going!

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