Better Point and Shoot Photos in Low Light

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Point and shoot cameras can take better low light images if you know what settings to change and some other lighting secrets.

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iTubeby says:

what a great video! Thank you so much for posting

YU Naude says:

Thanks for the tips, very helpful today

Richard Bradley says:

"How WIDE the shutter opens" is NOT aperture !!! that's how wide the iris in the lens opens !!!!

Hayati Channel says:

Very well explained

Julian McKay says:

sadly my Canon Elph 180 has very little options but for the price has a great 20MP

Felix Acosta says:

Such a great video!! Thanks for breaking it down for me!!

paperchasin23 says:

Thanks poos

B&H Photo Video says:

+Sreeom Metra Yes, the camera has a very broad ranged zoom lens, has nice image quality, and is suitable for users who know nothing about how to set a camera's settings as well as for ones who are interested in manual exposure photography. – Yossi

Todd Gilmore says:

what would you recommend for a p&s camera on a $200 budget shopping on ebay etc. I do Flikr using my Fujifilm T550 and manual as much as I can! Less the camera isn't good enough at night photography and focus is slow unless in direct sunlight, also 1/2000 sp, just isn't fast enough for sporting events or birds in flight. I was looking towards Nikon S6800 model which offers 1/4000 shutter speeds, but also isn't good at night and is very slow to start up which turned me off. The Canon elph series offers up a Canon ELPH 330 HS which is supposed to be fast, clear, and crisp with a standard sized sensor for low light maybe indoors? but not darkness outside just after sunset. The Nikon P600 I can also get for a bit more used eff ebay for $300 but is bigger, bulkier, and not to easy to operate the functions from the reviews but the image quality is compared to SLR's quality images. Most ll camera's I reviewed seem to all have exposure problem being very bright in the sky area!! what do you recommend please help?? As my sample photography page is

Sreeom Mitra says:


siddhartha sinha says:

great help. thanks a ton..i was just thinkin to buy a point shoot, and ur vdo also has made me understand better about cameras.

sameer mahoolkar says:

Lovely tips. Thanks

Yin says:

this is a great video. i learnt a lot about cameras today!

Louise B says:

Excellent video! Lots of useful information. Thank you!

Desi Go Viral says:

This the one video that every amateur photographer should watch have fun

Han Zhang says:

omg this video covered "every thing" good work

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