Best Vlogging Camera of 2020? // Sony ZV-1 Hands-On Review

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Parker Walbeck says:

What do you think of Sony's latest camera? What camera would you like us to review next? (We are reviewing the Z-Cam next month!! Stay tuned!)

Akshay Lahore says:

1 million advance Congo 🤩

Daniel says:

One thing that sucks for beginner m50 users is trying to figure out your first lens to buy after the kit lens. This eliminates all the hassle

Alex De La Rosa says:

Wait a second…did you really say Canon has better AF than Sony….😬

Kelvin Kurniawan says:

1.000 MORE TO 1M

Jackie Loo says:

Thanks for the showcase man ! Just drop a sub when this video shows up in my recommendation tab and you got my attention , nice video man !

Vitalik Vitalkinov says:

not impressed..may be if the selfie stick would come in complect with camera, than it would be nice choice for someone.. you can buy g7x mark II which is 3 y old already…But still very popular for vloging, with nice quality, better zoom, better screen rotation, better touch functions (like listing,changing stuff), rechargible battery from powerbank. Only minus not shooting 4k..

Zv Piang says:


Silver Works says:

Great Comparison

Nicholas Too says:

Checkout the new Sony Xperia 1 II phone.

Hung Le says:

Not impressed at all, not wide enough, bad touch screen, and cannot use when you wear sunglasses. M50 cheaper, better

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