Best Vlog Cameras Epic Comparison Surprising Results

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3 months in the making, this video compares popular vlog cameras and what the quality looks and sounds like for each one. No color or audio adjusting- this is what the footage looks like… the raw sound and video. The criteria was SMALL and LIGHTWEIGHT, so no full frame or larger GH5 type cameras. The results are quite surprising! There are some real amazing surprises in here for size and cost. Be sure to watch this video all the way to the end.
Cameras featured…
1:30 Canon G7X iii- good pocket camera, mic jack, no blurry background
2:05 Canon SX740 HS- very long zoom, image stabilization, cell phone quality video
2:25 Canon G1X iii- too expensive, mildy blurry background, i suggest Sony RX100m7 instead
2:53 Canon M3- good economy Canon APSC, mic jack
3:30 Canon M50- popular Vlog camera, recommended for Canon APSC users
4:34 Canon M100- smallest APSC ILC Canon, video codec and skin tones not great
6:24 Panasonic Lumix GX850- one of my favorites, SMALL, LIGHT, ILC, flip up screen
7:30 Panasonic Lumix G7- Has almost everything except stabilzation. I like this camera
9:44 Sony RX100 vii- mic jack, 960 FPS, EVF, image stabilization, true pocket camera, I use this camera literally everyday for all kinds of stuff
10:44 Sony RX100 iv- 1.8 lens and ND filter (mark 7 is 2.8 and no ND)
11:15 Panasonic Lumix LX10- like RX100 but half the price, no mic jack or EVF, f1.4
12:33 Samsung NX Mini- Amazing fun little camera with tiny lenses, blurry backgrounds!
15:01 Sony 5100- smallest Sony APSC ILC camera, AVCHD codec smears image somewhat
16:05 Sony 6000 series, 6300- AWESOME- one of my favorite cameras. Overheats after 10 min
18:04 Sony RX1R ii- full frame in tiny body, Amazing look but overheats after 2 minutes
19:06 Sony RX0 ii- size of ice cube with flip up screen, mic jack, waterproof
20:17 DJI Osmo Pocket- has true gimbal, size of small cigar, sharp image, sub par color
21:20 Fimi Palm- exact copy of DJI Osmo Pocket but only $200, much wider lens

Stay tuned for the next video showing the smallest Vlog lenses for Panasonic Lumix Olympus M43

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Shiznuts says:

When Canon came out with the Canon XF705 I was like 'OMG, that's probably I ever wanted in a Canon camera'… but it's a pro camcorder. 😛
And now there's these R5 spec rumors about 8K, RAW etc!
It's hard to not be tempted by 'bigger is better!', but of course it isn't!
What you can do with something as simple as a GX850 is just just wicked fun! The biggest limitation isn't the gear, it's us!
I loved that DigitalRev TV series 'Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera Challenge'. Never was poor gear an excuse not to create something stunning.

Djimmy Trovy says:

I love the message at the end regarding photography. What a great channel you have. Keep it up. It's awesome.

KeithElliott says:

Hi Markus, enjoyed the video. Question: Do you have any experience with infrared cameras, or any that shoot HQ video?

newfoundmass says:

I planned on getting one of the Sony a6000 series cameras (the 6400 or 6600 specifically) to start a vlog with since the AF is useful. COVID-19 though killed all my paid gigs through the summer so that's probably not happening, and I might have to sell my other gear. 😭

Thank you for the video, I hope you're doing well out there!

The TexPat in Saigon says:

I had a 2nd hand Sony RX10 MkII in my sights, but I think I will save up for the RX100 MK VII. Really enjoyed this video.

Vissaius says:

In the future, I want to make some travel videos and maybe even a documentary. What's a good video camera for landscapes and/or cities?

Vissaius says:

I'll definitely be buying one of these cameras in the near future. I want to make videos to submit to some acting agencies. 🙂

sijil o says:

Sony in it ✌️

fotonut says:

Sony RX100 😍

Rudolf Abelin says:

Thank you Markus!

This was a really an interesting episode. Problem is, the GAS. Didn't Stones sing about that:
Jumping Jack flash… is GAS GAS GAS…
Best greetings from Sweden to you and Cara!!!!
Stay safe.

Rex Riggler says:

I slightly favor those Sony Rx’ s

Ken Best says:

Very informative in a broad entertaining manner. Thanks.

o0 RECON 0o says:

How are you exposing your sky’s and for-grounds so perfectly? Please share.

Terry Breedlove says:

Your videos are always so fun. After the lockdown ends I am driving down to Las Vegas to shoot with a model for an Art Nude shoot on 4×5 film. I am looking through your lighting videos 🙂 Hope to hit Joshua Tree on my way there and use my Holga. I am jealous of all your Sun 🙂

Bert Z says:

Another great camera review. I always enjoy your videos. Love it when u put the prices of camera and options for lower price. Very informative and entertaining as always. Keep up your excellent work.

Scott's Speaker and Camera Reviews says:

Awesome work. I know that took a while to make. Its a review that is going to last a long time. Anyone searching for a vlog setup will have to watch. My input you missed the GoPro Hero 8. Ha Thanks again!!

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