best TRAVEL camera 2019?

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Best travel camera 2019?
Shout out to Simon for cracking open this can of worms! Here’s my open and honest opinion about which camera I think is best for your travels in 2019. Claus* the best camera is the one that’s on you so if that’s your phone then bloody use that 😉 If you’re looking to upgrade or you’re looking at getting further into photography, videography, filmmaking or content creation, each of these 3 cameras, the gopro hero 7 black, the canon g7x ii and the sony a6400 are all incredible tools to equip you. I hope this video gives you some insight into how I was able to answer this question when I first packed my bags and started captured travel vlogs.

Always happy to answer your questions, thanks for taking the time to listen to my thoughts.

JR Peace

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Jake Rich says:

So where’s your upcoming holiday?

Travel Asia says:

great content!
I started using a GoPro Hero 5, and it's still to this day an amazing camera!! shooting all my vids on it! 🙂

Ika Wong says:

loved the analogy

Scott E says:

Thanks for the video JR.

Wander B says:

very helpful content.

TravelMaker Queens says:

Any other travel vloggers starting out here? Let's support each other ❤️

jose antonio lago says:

The only problem with the GoPro is the zooming, at least for me.

PB4Travel says:

Camera is one thing for the travel vlog…. but when you will need to edit it… good luck even to find the right editor which is free!

Neonforce says:

I liked and subscribed without noticing like really, nice fucking video absolutely enjoyed. Thanks!

Neth BT says:

If you have at least a phone with a triple lens ( Samsung S10 etc) it is getting harder and harder to justify getting a dedicated camera for casual travel photography…don't get md wrong I own a full frame mirrorless and a Nikon D750 full frame…Smartphones are more than enough these days

Kurt B says:

If you want the best colors, go canon. Id take a canon with less specs than a sony anyday

Jvon Russell says:

super helpful Thank you man !!

Gamergirlyoshi says:

Using a GoPro for my vlogs so much easier to take out I want to get a g7x

Ganesh Baburaj says:

You are a real eye opener. I was confused between Sony a6400 and GoPro Hero 7! Going for GoPro! Yo! Thanks man!

Juan Carlos Lopez says:

I believe that, in traveling, not having to change lenses in a plus. So, between my DSLRS, I carry my Ricoh GRii and a Leica C-lux. Both cover all posibilities with excellent quality. Thank you for your video!

Coco Nut says:

Thank you! Video popped up after researching new family holiday camera and answered all my questions… thank you!!

Super Bogan says:

Cell phone. Don’t you mean mobile phone? None of that American lingo

Patrick Guerrisi says:

Bloody Instagram chicks hey. God they piss me off. Glad IG are now hiding likes. I want the a6400 for flip screen coz I got a habit of standing too close to the lense and get out of focus lol

Momin Nz says:

g7x is rubbish, contrast detection is useless. vlogging camera is a7iii. nothing matches.

Brandnewflix says:

Like your choice but i think the new camera i found in my recent video is better

Shingen Fujiwara says:

Thanks. but my best travel cam is still my Iphone7. with a sandisk 128Gmem. 20K mah powerpack batt. celfon gimbal. Back-up? Vi Lite action cam.

Priyanshu Panwar says:

jake plz rply what u think 🤔 about fujifilm xt100

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