Best travel camera 📸 | Sony DSC-WX500 review | vlogging camera

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Hello YouTube watchers and welcome to the review about the Sony DSC-WX500

+++ PROS +++

1. Good value for money
2. Mega zoom
3. Easy to use
4. Great photos and video
5. Vlogging display

+++ CONTRAS +++

1. Menu is overloaded
2. Sony app is not the easiest to use


Melanie & Daniel, Roberto & Alissa, Akbar und Fabian

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### GM-Foto ###

GM-Foto GmbH
Taunusstraße 47, 60329 Frankfurt am Main
069 2385700


If you are unable to open the link, try to login with a different GMAIL account.


Lifewithki X says:

I’ve been looking for a camera to start my yt and I have to buy this camera

Henrique Sombiga says:

That's horrible review. You kept showing the girl with the camera.

Hồ Khánh VK says:

And this one does not my friend wants to buy as vlogs

Uthi Tardan says:

"some Chinese people"

sweetylovespastels says:

been wanting a new camera for years and tempted to get this one now it is lower priced

X729 X says:

How do u transfer videos over to your iPhone to edit ?

Aarushi Sharma says:

Can i use this camera for indoor makeup tutorials videos

Rider Action Cam HD says:

May I get the link to your tutorial for the manual mode for this camera?

G_McG says:

Would you say this would take decent photos for Instagram?

Aldrin Jasmine says:

How much is this in Philippines? Ty 🙂

SopaDeFideos says:

Yes yes yes finally a good video of a affordable yet good quality camera.

mryanik0 says:

Hi Daniel, thanks for this video, the camera looks great. Frankfurt looks well worth a visit, as does the market. Also your GF looks very nice. 🙂

DIY Astronomy says:

Brilliantly put together video. These cameras are so cheap now, I'm tempted

Franken Pedaleur Cycling Lifestyle says:

Kann man beim filmen mit der Tiefenschärfe "spielen"?
Also etwas im Vordergrund unscharf erscheinen lassen, während man ein Objekt dahinter, was weiter weg ist, scharf sieht?
Und kann man in dieser Szene dann wechseln auf das vordere Objekt, dass dies scharf erscheint und der Hintergrund unscharf?
Danke Dir.

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