BEST Smartphone Camera In The World (2019) – Huawei P30 Pro Review!

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The Huawei P30 Pro with its killer new triple camera setup featuring a 40MP main camera, wide angle camera, and 50x zoom periscope camera, is easily one of the best phone camera setups of 2019 so far. This Huawei P30 Pro review covers the camera in-depth, as well as other key parts of this device. Please leave a like, comment and subscribe if you enjoyed the video.

Thanks to Tausif Hussain for his help with some of the shots in this video:

Pretty much the only place to buy the Huawei P30 Pro in the US:

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The RaRa85 says:

Thank you for infusing ample photo samples and some video for this camera centric review rather than tagging a couple at the end. Very nice review.

Elfuelte says:

I hear this cellphone is used to shoot Hollywood movies

Concept Creator says:

great vid. and while I think it does a pretty good job this p30 pro there are some reasons I wouldn't get it myself. Main one… no headphone jack! that is a BIG nope. And then the day lights shots don';t look that appealing… night mode craazzzy though :O

Freegnan Morman says:

sorry but you look like a gypsy

Kiergard says:

*except the extremely ugly rolling shutter on video

Pam Torrer says:

P30 pro does have Face ID

itsyansday says:

At 1:22 how can you decorate your homescreen? It's beautiful! Anw luv ya vdo

Tance Uchechi says:

why is it banned tho

Yaofeng Chen says:

Is this a camera review?

Laura PM says:

Wow, I can't believe you can see people on the top of the tower in the one pic 😲 … "but you need to hold still" which I can't. So that's a problem. And if it gets stuck because of curved glass, that would be me. Sounds awesome but also sounds like it has a few problems that wouldn't work for me. Leica is so good.

Vyyyper says:

Look at you killin it!!!! Well done!!!!

DennisBlaine79 says:

"So far…" yes waiting for the Note 10

Devon X Scott says:

Dude, I need to visit!

M.D Records says:

Im in hunt of Black Holes now, with x50 xoom on.. P30 Pro…🧐

Vincent Mallari says:

Watching on my p30 pro

mongol tyrant says:

Hahaha stupid Amerikwans can't have access to the best available technology cause the US regime bans it.

Dtechtive says:

I just saw a blond poster. U just became my favourite youtuber

Trevor Beckett says:

The ability of the cameras doesn't out weigh the limitations of the phone for me, especially the 1080p screen, single speaker and software.

RossWild says:

Why was it ban in the US? Also sick review dude! I may check the phone out.

Yashvardhan Jain says:

wtf have you done with your hair

Karthick vijayaraj says:

Could you also Suggest a good tempered glass for P30 Pro..

Riz Aim says:

I want that 😍😍😍

Mazen Mahari says:

This phone is amazing

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