Best Point & Shoot Under $100? – Nikon L35AF (Shooting + First Impressions)

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WHATS GUCCI GANG, today we take a look at a serious contender for the best point and shoot film camera under $100 the Nikon L35AF. This camera holds a pretty reputable name within the film community and now I see why. Plastic but feels like premium, lens sharp as a blade though not the sharpest still a SERIOUS lens for a NOT so serious camera. If you’re in the search for a cheap point and shoot get on it and find yourself one of these Nikon L35Af’s one of the BEST point and shoots in my opinion! Drop a Like for more Point and shoot videos!!!


Ross Bugden –
LakeyInspired –
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Filming Equipment used:
Sony a5000
Manfrotto tripod
16-50 kit lens

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KingJvpes says:

What's your favorite point and shoot camera? 📷🎞

Benj Haisch says:

I shoot that camera all the time with some pushed Tri-X

Brian says:

where did you purchase this?

Raturnbull says:

Should definitely get a comparison video between the L35AF and the AF35M up!

Hendra Prabowo says:

Nikon should make the digital version of L35AF.

Sol Segovia says:

This helped me a lot! Thank you!

ThePersonWhoExists says:

just found the l35ad at a thrift store for $3

ldstirling says:

I just found one these at a thrift shop for $15. It came with a leather case and original instructions. Everything seems to work on it so I'm running a test roll right now and will know in a couple days how the camera functions. Very much looking forward to it.

Lucio says:

NikonL35AF and NikonL35AF2 are great cameras, with colors film too. Thank you for your good vibes, come to Numbani say hi.

Jack O'Callaghan says:

Goes to this place to shoot streetphotography for the rich colors and vibrance of the city….shoots black and white….

Thomas Wallblom says:

I got one for 1dollar… It's really 80s and I quite like it. Really slow some times but hell, photography is a feeling not a thing.

Steven Glansburg says:

There’s only sewage in this video, all of the people in this production are trash humans, throw them away, please!

HilaKleiner says:

What's funny is that now the LF35AF is fricking 150 bucks lol. Glad I got one 8 months ago for 5 bucks.

marlan henry says:

Dope! To overexpose colour film on the L35 do I just drop the ISO deal down?

Photonerd says:

Hej, what about the L35AF2?

raksh9 says:

I've got the date back version, bought by my Dad in the 80s. Still a very nice camera, I just have to over my 'not a metal body' snob factor. Thinking of loading it with Ektar to give it some extra pop.

x213ERx says:

I found one for under $10 🙂

Christopher Louda says:

Would love to take meet up and take shots with you

Aysenur Onaran says:

what do you think of olympus af-1 or infinity?

Todd Boniface says:

How much does it weigh? I can't find it on Google very easily. Thanks!

hiho2040 says:

Hey man, whats your height? I'm interested in getting the Brevite Rolltop and I'm trying to figure out how big it is relative to body size. Thanks a bunch man, loving the videos!

al alexander says:

Music was tight homeboy!

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