BEST Point and Shoot CAMERA 2016

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Despite it being almost a year old, the RX100 M4 is still the BEST Point and Shoot camera of 2016. It shoots in 4K is packed with features and can compete with larger mirrorless or dslr cameras. It is the PERFECT camera from travelling and I used it my entire trip in Thailand. Enjoy!

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Safwan Sadiq says:

Under $1000 now $798

Safwan Sadiq says:

I think the Canon T6 would fit in that type of pocket

Random Guy says:

Aperture rate

IT'S DANNY says:

wanna do a quick self promo for my instagram account

Big Rob Energy says:

Awesome camera! Peep the review I just did on it on my channel!

Fussy Lawn Care says:

You can also get a 52mm filter adapter to stick on the front of the lens which makes it even more useful. EVF is ESSENTIAL if you need reading glasses and hate carrying them with you.

Stacy Edwards says:

It was my birthday when this was made

افضل العاب says:


Lil rocfamily says:

what u recommend

tidus1203 says:

There are cheaper alternatives there such as the Canon G7X MK2 and the Panasonic LX10 or if you can handle a bit bigger camera the Panasonic LX100 with an even bigger 4/3rds sensor…

Valentina OwusuTV says:

Ehi! are you an actor of " 13 reason why?

Favio Escalon says:

For the price just get a sony a600. Cheaper and more features.

Jesús Manuel Mena Garza says:

Not much useful info.

EliteXLBullies says:

This dude is beautiful… and got sexy hands. I can watch him all day!

hamizah says:

he looks somehow like jeff from 13rw lol or is it just me? not exactly tho

Dranomoly says:

Do you actually talk like that in real life?

mrk107 says:

Do you have to use a Portal gun to get out of that room?

IamSquid says:

Wait! Your Canadian? And would you recommend the Sony RX100 M5 or the Canon G7X M2?

Asgar Hassan says:

Love the detailed review man. This made buying a new small camera much easier for me!

Professional Gamer says:

great easy to use camera for low light, but expensive and very short optical zoom.
Useless if you are filming wildlife from a distance of more than 50 feet away.
That's purely down to sensor size and optics, you'll never see a compact camera with a large sensor and 20 times of optical zoom

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