BEST & MOST Affordable 4K Cameras On The Market!

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Canon 1dx markii:
Sony A7sii:
Sony A7rii:
Panasonic GH5:
Sony a6300:
Sony a6500:
Nikon D500:
Cheaper 4k alternatives:
Panasonic FZ300:
Panasonic G7:
Panasonic FZ80:

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Hock says:

For the ppl complaining about $2500 being "affordable". Why do you need a camera thats going to shoot 4k video 120 fps anyways? If you are just wanting a cheap camera to capture random moments get a GoPro Hero 6 Black. If you actually do this for a profession, $2500 is a drop in the bucket compared to lenses and the actual high end equipment real professionals use. I'm sorry you arent going to be able to create buttery smooth vids with amazing picture quality like Jakob has done in so many of his videos with your T3i Rebel you got from Christmas. Like the saying goes, you gotta pay to play and in this case if you want to make amazing 4k res videos you are going to have to pony up the cash.

Clare says:

2400 is affordable? 🤔

Daniël Vegter says:

1dx mk2… Budget? Nice!

meowmix808 says:

Blackmagic camera?

Nathan Costa says:

you get what you pay for…always

GamingTV says:

honestly, i can't stand the image quality of the GH5, love the GH4 though, best pro cam out there

Caleb Harvey says:

You had me at 2400. I’ll shoot 4k with my iPhone 6s Plus for now lol.

sci-fi says:

Let me check my piggy bank lol.

junior reck says:

by the way your works are great!!!!!!!

junior reck says:

please can you send me mail [email protected], i want to show you something

Nader Nadernejad says:

I think the 1DX MKII is definitely out of the "affordable" price range because it's approaching the price of a car.

In 2019 it seems like we five options:
1. Give Sony between $2000-3200 for an A7something
2. Give Canon $3000 for an EOS R which has a crop on the 4k
3. Buy a Panasonic Lumix GH5 for like $2500 but the name Panasonic is more obscure and I have no Panasonic lenses.
4. Give Canon $7000+ for a 1DX something something
5. Shoot amateur-looking video or high-end amateur at best.

Micha says:

Sure canon 1dx mark ii very affordable 😌

raul espinoza says:

Canon EOS-1DX Mark II DSLR Camera is $5,499.00 on Amazon

Max Media Solutions says:

this guy doesn't understand what AFFORDABLE means.

Mikhail Z says:

4K – in which currency is it?

Greg Benson says:

Awesome! review thank you for sharing

murad miah says:

Hey guys TheBuffNerds, I'm about to plunge and buy myself a DSLR soon. I really don't want to spend more than £1500, £1000 or less would be ideal. I want to have the option of 4k resolution but I also want the option of external mic, good low slight appeture and possibility of full frame. I know I might be asking for a lot here but I really want a decent all rounder for bot only vlogging but also to translate raw pictures for family and national events.

Any ideas, pointers and suggestions based on real life experiences would be great…oh I also wouldn't want a bulky DSLR if I can get the option.

Thanks in adv!

Kommentarkanal 3003 says:

BMPCC 4K 👍🏼💯

Tyler Fukuda says:

Any thoughts on the recent Blackmagic Pocket Cine 4k?

Oleta Jackson says:

Out of the options mentioned above, I considered both Sony A6500 as well as the Panasonic G7. Ended up getting the Panasonic G7 for myself from a couple of weeks ago.
The camera is pretty great, to be honest! People complaining about something not being affordable, of course you won't get a 4k camera for less than $500, can you? It's preferably considered by professionals, where such prices are quite common.

Jason Weber says:

$6,000.00 Sure let me go grab that from my bank right now…

No Filter Reviews says:

Are you looking for a camera that will record at 4k, has amazing reviews, and is under $50? Check this out.

PhyZeik says:

How do you type on that keyboard

Onza Music says:

I order the panasonic lumix g7 on the market and it went to another location 😭 fuck u DHL i was so excited. Btw great video

Tim McKinney says:

Back when I started out in the Production industry. We had VHS cameras the size of suitcases. Big bulky and heavy rigs. You had to put them on your shoulder you could never manage handheld stuff. We did not have steady cams or gimbals. They have come so far along since then. Even editing was deck to deck. I can remember when I got my first PC based editing system. It was a small desk top with Pinnacle software. During that time everyone was trying to get the film look but could not get it. Now these new 4k+ Cameras look just like the old 16mm film cameras or better. I do not miss the old days in any way. Give me a new camera any day. Just a thought!

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