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Are you looking for the best mirrorless camera 2018? In this camera review I look at the best cameras in the industry and I choose one to focus on that is the best budget camera of 2018 with the best overall package. Some of the cameras in the running are the Sony A7rIII vs Sony A7sII vs Sony A5100. I show you the best vlogging camera, best travel camera, best all around camera….all in one! Comment below which sony cameras are your favorites. If you are new here I am a dallas vlogger that loves tech videos and spending time with my family.
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Brian Aiken says:

Get your Sony a5100 here:

E Miff says:

Rubbish video.

mchlup says:

I really want to get a camera for portraits and landscape night time photography. Which is better Sony 5100, Sony 6000, or Canon 200D?

EddyStyl3s says:

E mount does not mean crop sensor. A7 is full frame and uses the same E mount.

AL70 says:

I remember buying the a5000 (2014) when 3 months later Sony introduces the a5100, I was very upset. now I have the 6500.

Jimmy Mjaque says:

Sony a5100, 10' video recording and then……bye bye hey hey, overheating is here to stay!

LA SHONA Gerdine says:

I want to take action shots sports,bmx,snowboarding shots for the Olympics-ive been doing photos from my photos now I want a solid camera with a cash purchase of around $500-700-ive been looking at Canon and Mirrorless Sony not sure what to do? Friendly opinion on this Thanks!

YouTube Girl says:

I just took a picture, but there is no memory, so it won’t be remembered….lol, hilarious, This is December 2018 and I still really want this camera!!

topi arcega says:

sony a5100 or canon m6.?

Daniel Bulmez says:

Useless video, where are all the other video cameras?

Kieran Dugdale says:

Hi, can you help.

Girlfriend is after her first camera. Think she wants a mirrorless as they are compact. She wants it for every day use taking photos and videos but wants good quality pictures and HD video. I guess she is a beginner so wants something easy to use and something that will do it for her.

Looking at the song a5100, canon m100, canon m50. Something around this price range

라스베가스여행 (버팔로와주니) says:

I love sony a5100..I also bought it to my daughter for her blogging. Same as your daughter, she has so much fun with it. 🙂


Sony ? Why not do a review with something made by a camera company ? Nikon, Fuji, Canon, Olympus and Panasonic ? Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Travelers Paradise says:

Canon M50 100 times better! Sony haha

Lukas Noel says:

i have a budget around 500 dollars. what is the best pick between the a5100 vs the a6000

jake smith says:

too bad they over heat. I bought Canon because they don't overheat. Big flaw in an otherwise great camera.

Intel Gaming says:

Can you help me? I love to take portrait photo's on my phone and I want to get into photography more but I just want a photography camera, I see all of these videos telling me about the mic of the camera when I just wanna take pictures.

Carlos Melendez says:

Brian great vids. I want to get into mainly real estate and wedding photography and eventually some video. Which camera would you suggest for that media? I'm currently looking at the Sony A6000, A6300, Lumix G7 and the Canon M50, I would like the option of 4k video but am gonna use this camera for photography more. Also, I plan on turning this into a business to buy better equipment. Currently I only have a Mavic Air drone which I may get rid of because I can't find alot of work with it.

mike hall says:

Hi great review. I'm looking for a camera for my 14 year old daughter to start photography. Don't really need it for video, she has her Gopro for that. It will be more for school work and learning about photography. Just one thing bothers me is the menu, is it really tricky. Is there any other cameras in the same price range out there.
Go find the fun

Yoli184 says:

I want to start a YouTube beauty and lifestyle channel. I also want to take nicer pictures for IG. Is the Sony 5100 a good option to start out with?

Jack Jones says:

The music…sheesh! Great info seriously.

Ali Mellado says:

I’m a beginner on photography, and I am undecided on which camera should I get, and now I am more confused. If to go with this one 5100 song or the 6300 Sony??? Please help

Babai Debnath says:

Hi, would you please suggest me, which one should I buy Sony A5100 or Canon EOS M100 ? Thanks

Señor Mtz says:

Subbed this was dope

Jit Thong Ling says:

Hey Brian, I'm thinking between the a6000 and a5100. I want to do mostly urban landscape and portraits of people so video is not as important. Which one would you recommend? Thanks!

Mario Navarrete says:

i wasn't even shopping for a camera but you sold me!!!

Manu Eldho Thomas says:

give me one plz…..

Azulian says:

So, how much should one spend on his first camera if he is serious about pursuing photography as a career? Is a basic aps-c camera enough to learn the art and skill of photography?

Tiffany Charlene says:

Hi, thank you so much for posting this video. I currently have a canon t6s and looking into the sony a5100 as a secondary camera. I mainly take portraits, family photos and some times weddings. Would you recommend this camera for what I will be using it for?

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